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Overdrive beaten by girl
1.09.10 by Buffalo Bill

pic by Jonathan Winstone

He looks pretty pleased with himself here, after having won the minor event of the Fixed Gear London event last Friday, but in the real thing, which was the sprints, Jon got beat by Juliet. Oh, the shame. Read all about his humbling on Juliet’s blog (or one of them, anyway) Hell Yeah.

Next event is in a couple of weeks. I would mention more details, but they seem to be trying to keep it quiet, and only inviting people on Facebook or something.

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  1. hahahahahhaha funny thing is i managed to beat her with one hand drinking a beer…so how slow is overdrive….
    sorry john hahahah

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 13:57    #
  2. Juliet had the right gearing obviously.She was also quite quick!!Well done girl.

    — overdrive    1 September 2010, 13:58    #
  3. “Next event is in a couple of weeks. I would mention more details, but they seem to be trying to keep it quiet, and only inviting people on Facebook or something.” is it bill…you aint reading your own site anymore then? www.movingtargetzine…

    Next race is the 20th September check www.fixedgearlondon…. for full details

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 14:01    #
  4. No, I don’t read the forum – not stuff posted by you, anyway…

    — Bill    1 September 2010, 14:21    #
  5. oh…sniff sniff….your just hating coz my cats better than yours!

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 14:22    #
  6. My pussies are lot nicer looking than your minging moggies, you looza.

    — Bill    1 September 2010, 14:24    #
  7. minging moggy…ha dont get me started…british blue….kick ass not silly foreign bengal thing ahahhahaha

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 14:29    #
  8. Rasist.

    — Bill    1 September 2010, 14:30    #
  9. hahahah this is what you intended mt for…arguments about cats…ahahah

    right back to the topic…how slow is overdrive

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 14:31    #
  10. Overdrive? Slower than a crippled donkey on valium. Slower than my Grandma – and she’s been dead since 2005.

    — Bill    1 September 2010, 14:36    #
  11. hahahha my other username is asfastasmydeadnan….maybe i should change it to john ;)

    Seriously though was a fun eve…thanks to all that came and well done to Juliet for kicking johns ass, and well done to everyone else that raced! see ya on the 20th

    REDRUM    1 September 2010, 14:44    #
  12. This does not surprise me, if i had a pound for every time i past Overyonder coming down Theobalds, i would be a rich man, even if the Pound has gone to shit.

    — Zack Speedfast    2 September 2010, 11:11    #
  13. Whereas if you had to give me a pound for every time you made a spelling mistake when posting to MT, I would be able to afford that Ti hip replacement I have had my eyes on….

    — Bill    2 September 2010, 12:16    #
  14. Maibe u kould allso aford a chave too go wit that hipp off yourz.

    — Zack Speedfast    3 September 2010, 10:25    #
  15. Bill=replacement hipster.

    — overdrive    3 September 2010, 12:48    #
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