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Only 60 naked couriers left in the whole world!
12.01.13 by Buffalo Bill

The lovely Papillon has told me that there are only 60 of the fabulous 2013 Naked Courier Calendars left! Featuring the finest bodies from Mexico to Berlin, no right minded cycling person should be without one of these items, not least because all of the money goes to support bicycle couriers who have been injured whilst working. You can get them online from House of Pistard and Bagaboo. This could be your last chance to see exactly what Mikey Q means when he offers a ‘slice’.

More details about the LCEF and the 2013 calendar here

  1. I was actually looking for information on the courier industry and came across this post…” The naked courier “ ? I’m not exactly sure what this subject is about from what it states it’s about funding injured bike couriers. I believe this is a very thoughtful and supporting cause for working class couriers. This is something Australia should take note of and maybe even follow in foot to better some of the working class couriers in our country

    Peter    1 March 2013, 11:29    #
  2. Not living in the Big Smoke, but rather up in rural Shropshire, I was not aware of the real problem of injuries to cycling couriers. All power to your elbows, guys

    Steve@TernReviews    7 June 2013, 15:10    #
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