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Ok, who did this?
17.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

What’s your game, then? What are you playing at? What could you possibly want with this, eh? Come on, own up.

Just got this email:

On MovingTarget a while back you started a blog where I’m slated for
buying fakenger.net. I’m in with the slating – although as a .net
it’s gotta rank as the ultimate fakenger domain name despite the fact
i’ve never done anything with it – but I’d apreciate if you could
please remove my personal information from the blog: address, phone
number etc.
The Blog gets a high google ranking for a search under my name, and
I’m not up with every Tom, Dick or Googler to find all that info
published in one place without any cyberstaking initiative.

Thanks (if you remove it that is!) and keep up the great work with the zine…

Best Lo.

So you there you go!

  1. Loic Tallon

    _targetbot    17 February 2008, 22:49    #
  2. someone beat you to it did they? how is the LBFA?

    — sleepy    18 February 2008, 10:10    #
  3. found him

    and here , in the team section. cyberstalking ftw! 8-)

    — sleepy    18 February 2008, 10:21    #
  4. Whois info for, fakenger.net:

    Registrant: Loic Tallon ******** GB

    Domain name: FAKENGER.NET Administrative Contact: Tallon, Loic *8888888

    DavidK    18 February 2008, 10:44    #
  5. does that mean fakenger.com / .co.uk have already been registered??

    winston    18 February 2008, 17:54    #
  6. fakenger.co.uk takes you to londonfgss. fucking jokes.

    — jontyponty    19 February 2008, 20:21    #
  7. A joke? No. I buy domains because:

    1) They offer an alternative when employers block access to frequently accessed domains.

    2) They prevent the domain being used against the main site.

    For a nefarious example of #3, movingtargetzine.co.uk is currently unregistered… just imagine someone registering the domain, setting up a WordPress blog and attaching a little shop to the side in which they flog over-priced shit quality bike stuff. There would be nothing at all that could be done about it, but the rep of this site would take a knock when that site managed to build it’s SEO up as that site would earn it’s rep by fooling fools into thinking that was the real moving target.

    3) They’re cheap as chips.

    4) Most domain facilities front-run… search for a domain and they will purchase it and sell it to the highest bidder.

    So there’s two bloody good reasons to buy domains and alias them, and two reasons why you shouldn’t even hesitate to do so if you even think about a domain name.

    DavidK    20 February 2008, 10:19    #
  8. i said ‘jokes’ not ‘a joke’. as in I find it funny. If ever I need a website i’ll bear your sage advice in mind though.

    — jonty    20 February 2008, 16:34    #
  9. touché!

    — overdrive    21 February 2008, 15:48    #
  10. Not getting the address you want can work in your favour. We only became House of Pistard after we found out some cheese eating surrender monkey had registered pistard.com

    obergruppenpistard    21 February 2008, 17:45    #
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