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NYC messenger beaten by a model on a skate-board
20.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

How will they ever live this down? Video evidence here.

  1. 1000 pkg pw and only 100 ml pw?Thats 10 pks per mile average.And also this guy must be a millionaire by now if you say an average pkg cost 2 or 3 US dollars to drop.Someone correct me if i am wrong, but i think they got it the other way around

    — kostas    20 November 2008, 09:19    #
  2. 1000+ packages a week? So that’s 200+ packages a day.


    and P.S. PWN3D!!!11!!1

    — fromemory    20 November 2008, 18:00    #
  3. …and for an even wackier race, apparently Chris Hoy (on a bike) is going to race Lewis Hamilton (in a sports car) at Wembly Stadium next month.


    Jack    20 November 2008, 19:52    #
  4. It is obvious that it fake right?

    The hipster bint could barely ride the thing and some how managed to change out of her ironic leggings enroute.

    — timmy    1 December 2008, 01:37    #
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