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North American Cycle Courier Champs
4.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

Happened at the weekend. Austin and Kym won the main race. No word on the other competitions yet, although the polo looks like it was fun. Full results from the final here. Official NACCC 2008 site here.

Updated – again!

Kym’s messenger status has been disputed. This has echoes of the DQ from Rollapaluza X of Cas, who was judged not to have been a working messenger (although there was also some question about Charlie’s messengerness too…). In the interests of a good stir, purely because it’s ages since we had a proper slanging match on this site, I reproduce the email which outlines the nature of the dispute below, with some comments from other parties.

I don’t have a problem with non-messengers competing in messenger events, as I said here. However, if it is true that Kym was asked if she was a working messenger, and lied, then that is kind of a shame.

I’ll be the first out here to say it.

And, I say this out of not disrespect, disdain, or even dislike for the lady, but I’ve been encourage to express the frustration and shock that most of us back in new york feel over the fact that Kym Perfetto claims to be a New York bike messenger.

More than anything I think we are shocked that our friends have been lied to and our community duped.

Personally I feel that this has gone on too long to stand by and say nothing for a third year in a row. I think most of you will find that many of us working everyday agree about this (I encourage them to say something as well).

After the Philly NACCC – after being challenged that kym had never worked a day as a messenger – she did take a four hour, once a week shift sporadically at a company called streetwise. I saw her as much accordingly. In December she was hired at elite, a chance for her to work at a well reputed company in new york, and – as my dispatcher put it this morning – worked a few times in about two or three weeks. She has not been back to elite since. I work there. FULL TIME.

Apparently, are several other companies she claims to work for. I find it hard to believe that so many full time messengers have failed to see her on the streets.

I understand the complications this raises about what constitutes actually being messenger, ex messenger, etc etc. I know this may get into an ugly debate. But I believe these are issues that need to be discussed when people start working the bare minimum to be qualified in races we work tirelessly to throw for the hard working and talented in our community.

As one of the few women out there, I find this particularly frustrating as there are so few of us out there who love this job, fewer who work everyday (for god sakes, even part time), and even fewer with the kind of talent in takes to place in a national/international race. I would like to honor those ladies in this message.

I appreciate those who may take the time to respond or refute.

Elite Messenger
New York city

“Messengers for a Messenger Championship”

This from Dispatch 101.

Lord knows chicago shares a lot of this drama. i rather not name names but there are those who classify themselves as messengers even though they are not currently working messengers. honestly, i think it’s a shady move. i don’t know kym at all and i don’t think i spoke one word to her so i cannot weigh in on whether she is or isn’t a messenger. what i can say is that if she isn’t then she’s gotta (wo)man-up and give up the title and the prizes. messengers rarely get a light to shine on them…it’s the little simple things such as a national messenger championship that can brighten one’s day up. i keep wanting to say “we” but those days have come and gone for me. by being a dispatcher im still a part of the messenger community but would feel guilty/bad claiming to be a messenger and taking advantage of it. im pretty sure there was a non-messenger category…why not race that?

the industry rarely gives a messenger respect…clients, cabs, security, and, well you get it. no need to disrespect them by taking what isn’t rightfully yours. there are plenty of races dedicated for any and all in the bicycle community throughout the world. this one is named the north american cycle courier championships…COURIER.

kym…i would love to hear your side of the story so if you read this please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail so i can post it for you and clear your name or simply comment. sh*t…i guess you don’t really have to say a word but…well…peace.

And this email from Martin Banana, IFBMA council member and Marcus Cook Award nominee.

Im deeply saddened that you feel so strongly about Kym that you decide to write me with these disturbing words. Im sure Kym feels kind of bummed that you decide to call her a liar.
I fail to see how Kym is not eligible to participate in the races. She used to be a messenger(maybe she is part time still others say), has no intentions of pissing on any of us and she obviously wants to win – that makes her ok in my book. Now my book is not a set of standards, actually I wiggle and squirm as much as I can every time someone tries to formulate what it is we do. I believe that it is so much stronger for the open interpretations that we see every year on how the race is best tackled. As long as she has not overstepped any rules in this specific NACCC I can´t cry foul. Please send me the specific rule you feel she violated.
Also note that I am in no way interested in governing or ruling what you or Kym is doing, but I will cry foul or asshole or worse at people I see blatantly going against the vision or specific rule of any messenger race. I am not on this council to tell anyone how to behave ( I have a daughter – thats quite enough thank you ) I am here to best represent people that deserves so much more than they get – messengers who toil, race and die for a pittance.
Now who won is really of no consequence – (unless it was you of course) did you have a good time? Did you beat some of your friends?
For a good championship I have 2 succes criteria: 1 A worthy winner, 2 No one dies. Is Kym not worthy? Did she not work as hard or harder than her fellow racers?

For my part the enormity of my failure in this years cargo race at the CMWC has not yet hit home. I only competed against 2 that I have failed to meet and break bread with – so most of the field was close friends – people I love.. But tell me what did I do to have Ralph beat me??? All my gods have abandoned me – I think on that background you surely see that whether Kym is or isn´t pales into something we should leave to Kym and her conscience.. No?

Much respect

And this Joel Metz, former secretary of the IFBMA, and Marcus Cook Award recipient

while i can some ways empathize with the frustration over a perceived or actual non-messenger winning a messenger champs, im also tired of it. its a slippery slope, and its a dead horse thats been beat at almost every champs. first it was “the germans”, which really meant the danes, or maybe the swiss – they werent real messengers cause they only worked half days, part time, and still made more money than us americans. or maybe it was the actual germans, who werent real messengers cause they were able to work as messengers, and race on the road semi-pro, and kick our asses at cmwc. hmm.

so, how many hours does one have to work, and how regularly, to actually be a messenger, rather than someone who merely works as a messenger sporadically, part-time? i mean really. im not going to cmwc to nit-pick that shit, im going to see a bunch of great people who “get” the job, and the community.

we start walking down this path of “your messenger work experience isnt like my messenger work experience, and therefore, not real”, and the jungle closes in pretty quick after us.

i would also like to add that anyone, anywhere, who has even beaten me at a cmwc, naccc, or ecmc, cannot possibly be a real messenger. i think that should cover just about all of you. heck, i might even decide that any of you whove been able to afford to go these past couple of years when i havent, arent real messengers either. i mean, you took time off work and all. looks bad for your cred, you know.



  1. the guy from dispatch 101 has a race report —> www.dispatch101.net/…

    — captain buckles    2 September 2008, 11:22    #
  2. I don’t think Kym Perfetto could possibly be a messenger. No messenger could possibly stay that pretty; if she was a messenger she’d have “bare stress” lines all over her face ;-)

    Joking aside, even her myspace page mentions nothing about her being a messenger… it says:

    “Kym Perfetto is a Personal Fitness Trainer (accredited through National Academy of Sports Medicine), and competitive track cyclist. Also a dancer for most of her life, Kym has long understood the importance of disciplined strength and core training. She has specialty certificates in Pre and Post-Natal Fitness, Spin and Foam Roller and a B.A. in Dance. She is proud to have completed two Marine Corps Marathons and the world’s largest timed cycle race, The Cape Argus in Cape Town, South Africa. She gets her kicks from dancing anywhere and everywhere and by risking her life racing on the world’s bumpiest velodrome in Kissena Park, Queens.”

    — lb    3 September 2008, 16:16    #
  3. austin’s messenger status was also disputed at the race, and he was confronted before the awards ceremony by race organizers. when asked if he was a working bike messenger, he said yes, and the organizers had to take him at his word.

    — hmmm    3 September 2008, 16:52    #
  4. Would that be Austin who was recently in Eindhoven for ECMC?

    — overdrive    3 September 2008, 17:11    #
  5. as was Kym…..

    Winston    3 September 2008, 17:46    #
  6. Same Kym that was at London’s Calling…

    — Bill    3 September 2008, 17:48    #
  7. in the past i’ve looked at some of these people’s flickr photos and wondered, “what do these people do, just spend their all their time going to every messenger contest that exists?” how the hell do they afford it and how do they get enough time off work to go to so many of these events?

    bah, ignore me, i’m just jealous because that i can’t afford to go anywhere that doesn’t have a B postcode.

    — lb    3 September 2008, 22:20    #
  8. Messenger or not she sounds horribly fit and healthy to me. As for dancing ‘anywhere and everywhere’, christ, what a nightmare. Even her name ‘perfetto’ is unappealingly suggestive. Is she single?

    — will    3 September 2008, 23:21    #
  9. I think part time messengering needs defining. Ally 45 of Creative has been a messenger (mostly) part time for longer than many other people have been on circut. There are plenty of very fast, compent, experinced and professional part time messengers that are no longer or never were full time.

    I spoke to Kym at LC 2007 on a couple of occassions. She told me she was a part time messenger. I didn’t ask her to define what she ment by that. If she has been doing it for a while (but how long is a while?) off and on then I think she qualifies. If However she means shes done a day here and there and thats it then that is she really a messenger?

    — twitch    4 September 2008, 15:32    #
  10. “For a good championship I have 2 succes criteria: 1 A worthy winner, 2 No one dies. Is Kym not worthy? Did she not work as hard or harder than her fellow racers?”

    the lady is fast and good but if she isn’t a messenger then she isn’t worthy. there was a non-messenger category. she can work harder than messengers to train for races but if she isn’t a messenger then she doesn’t work harder than messengers to earn loot to eat, to pay for a roof, and so on.

    as i stated i have no idea whether this story is true or not but i can’t wait to find out…at least i hope to find out…peace.

    j.dot    4 September 2008, 18:07    #
  11. This is a rather tricky subject and i am in no way in any position to comment on the legitimacy of Kyms messenger status. Weather a messenger or not Kym raced an amazing race on what was a pretty tough course in very hot weather, she kicked the shit out of my effort! She finished fourth overall amongst some of the fastest people i know which i believe deserves some props.
    Augie took Austin and Kym to one side and flat out asked them both if they were messengers before he started the award ceremony to which they both replied yes. If thats good enough for Augie its good enough for me.
    Personally it has been three months since i last worked as a messenger, i still count myself as a messenger as i am not finished with it, you will see me out there again soon. The one thing i will say is that if i had won that race i would have passed the flights on to a currently working messenger to go to Tokyo and represent north America next year……..

    — londonbroilmurder    4 September 2008, 19:43    #
  12. If your current, main income is not from messengering then can you really claim to be a messenger?

    I am a messenger who dabbles in (unpaid) bike shop mechanic work a couple of hours a week here and there… but that doesn’t make me a bike shop mechanic. Perhaps there should be a seperate category for ‘dabblers’.

    — lb    4 September 2008, 20:52    #
  13. this is likely a horrible idea for me to weigh in on this in any public forum, but i’m kinda tipsy after a shitty day at work, so fuck it. i just wanted to clear some things up. i did ask both kim and austin, face to face if they are current messengers after some concerns were expressed by a number of folks present at the naccc. they both gave me a yes and i was fine to take them at their word. i also inquired about jojo, as she is apparently from europe and perhaps no longer a messenger, and i really don’t know everyone on the goddam planet. i was assured that she is currently working part time and going to school in NYC.

    i’m willing to take all of them at their word as i couldn’t imagine that any of these folks would be able to live with themselves for taking the opportunity away from an actual working messenger representing north america at the CMWC. by the way, as far as i’m concerned, anyone who’s taking a break from the job to sort shit out, take a sabbatical, etc. is all good in my book.

    as a side note, i was really impressed, though, with some of the former chicago messengers that are no longer in the game that told me that they wouldn’t be registering as messengers as they’ve moved on. that’s some fucking class to step aside and let the folks out there dodging cars, putting up with bullshit attitudes, and doing what makes sense to them to get by in the world for the time being get the opportunity to represent their town, country, etc at the CMWC.

    this sucks, by the way, and takes away from the joy of putting on a fairly successful weekend of friends and friendly competition. if anyone is bullshitting me, fess up please, ‘cos i’m prone to obsess and now i’ve got a focus and i really need some fucking sleep.

    i’m sure this book is as boring to you as it is to me by now. who gets a check? augie.

    p.s. c’mon, seriously?

    — augie    5 September 2008, 00:43    #
  14. Hey Augie, thanks for giving us the word from the horse’s mouth – if their word is good enough for you, then it should be good enough for the rest of us.

    And congratulations on organising what looks to have been an excellent and fun event.

    — Bill    5 September 2008, 08:49    #
  15. congratulations to Austin and Kym

    redrum    5 September 2008, 09:24    #
  16. I have to agree on the statement that if ones main income is not from making deliveries on a bike then one should not claim to be a messenger.
    I rode in DC from ’90-‘96, left the game to work in animal shelters and came back to messing in early ’07 starting out has a courier again but now work has a manager/dispatcher for the company. I still get on the bike at times and make deliveries when needed but don’t consider myself a messenger since i’m paid to dispatch riders and oversee operations.
    I would think that these events…i.e. NACCC and CMWC are for the working messenger, those that make a living riding their bikes day in and day out. Not for the so called ‘weekend warriors’.

    — feral    5 September 2008, 12:50    #
  17. Is this a case of Fakenger paranoia starting to destroy us? If, 5 or 6 years ago someone who had done a couple of days couriering then gone onto another job ( but still came to alleycats ) had won a big messenger race, people might have been flabbergasted but only the bitterest courier would’ve tried to wrestle their prize off them.
    Maybe it’s high value prizes that are to blame, if there was just a trophy or bag and bragging rights up for grabs then who would feel the need to ( allegedly ) lie in order to win them? And we all know low value prizes wouldn’t stop messengers coming together to race and the only non-messengers would be, as Joel says: people who “get” the job, and the community. At Millportpoloco this year the two best prizes went to a guy who won a drunken arm wrestle and the guy who travelled farthest to be there, the winner of the main race got a teeshirt and a broken trophy, which he was so proud of he superglued to his face.
    This issue is already the biggest story of NACC 2008 ( here we are discussing it on a British website ) and it’s overshadowing all the hard, unpaid work lots of people do to make events of this scale happen. Don’t forget for most people racing is just one part of CMWC, ECMC, NACC, ACMC etc. the main reason for going is to sell teeshirts …no, that’s not what I meant, I’ve kind of forgotten my point so I’ll quote Joel Metz again

    “Community first. Racing second.”

    Days on the road last month : 1

    westcoastmess    5 September 2008, 13:41    #
  18. And I’m actually very sorry this topic has over shadowed what an AMAZING time EVERY SINGLE person i know had. To be honest I’m very sad that I wasn’t there, but I am honored that I got three tee shirts sent my way (maybe they heard about Toronto!) And it just seems like everything went off without incident. I heard Auggie didn’t sleep more than four hours the whole weekend but managed to stay on top of it all. Hell, if i was auggie I would have believed a horse was a messenger at that point. Congrats to everyone, especially anyone who got out there despite the intense competitive field. My old man came in eighth in the qualifiers and for a guy who works 50-55 hours a week and never races or trains, I couldn’t have been more stoked. Next year, maybe be can have a annual picnic where none of this mess could be an issue. No pun intended.

    — cassandra    6 September 2008, 04:05    #
  19. No one is trying to wrestle prizes from anyone else btw. None of what I said even suggested that. Sure I “couldn’t imagine that any of these folks would be able to live with themselves for taking the opportunity away from an actual working messenger representing north america at the CMWC” but kym- and if I’m going to be honest- Austin as well, are not currently messengers. And they’re not very honest about it. Although I do believe Austin is taking a lovely holiday somewhere exotic or on the Nader Campaign, and will return to work for another few days right prior to another high stakes race, but at least he’s not banned from his company. Kym cannot return to either of her two previous companies and enjoys a full time job as a spin instructor and personal trainer. That’s why those two can afford to travel willy nilly to every corner of the globe to race. They have semi-professional (?) jobs.

    And also this part time messenger crap? Straight from the horses mouth (or company owners in this case: Kym worked for seven months at a company called streetwise. One, occasionally two days for four or five hours skipping weeks here and there. During that time according to her coworker she hardly did anything (my guess is because, i mean, what are you going to do with a four hour courier?). that ended in early may 07. Then two pay periods (meaning weeks) at Elite in Christmas of 07, five days total, only two whole days. Kym to my, or anyone else’s knowledge in New York has not been on the road since and I have yet to talk to anyone who has legitimately proved otherwise. Though the story changes day to day her story to auggie claimed that she was the in-house courier at the gym she teachers classes at. This gym, SoulCycle is currently a billed Trackstar client. An actual courier service. They just recently sent their bill out.

    — cassandra    6 September 2008, 04:06    #
  20. @Cassandra
    Sorry my comments weren’t supposed to be a pop at you, but to support Augie who is clearly being caused stress by the situation. I share your outrage that someone might actually be so dishonest as to pull a stunt like this but I know no-one involved so I can’t pass comment. Maybe this situation with act as a precedent for future races, local Messenger Associations could vet their competitors or a valid I.D. card (all companies seem to be forcing them on riders ) needed to register but as Martin says the more rules you have the less fun things are.
    Maybe we could all look on this in a positive way, all race scenes benefit from a Dick Dastardly figure.

    Words written in MT comments this week : 400
    Words written on H.O.P. : 0

    westcoastmess    6 September 2008, 08:35    #
  21. blah blah blah, who really cares as long as people had a good time. Im not a messenger anymore but when I was I wouldn’t have been bothered. As xander said i think its “Fakenger paranoia”. I met both Austin and Kym at the ECNC this year, both nice fun people and both very good riders.

    redrum    6 September 2008, 09:38    #
  22. when was the last time you raced cassandra. don’t you just go to those competitions and not race. At least kym, races and works her ass off to bring nyc a victory. We are lucky that austin and kym have the support from nyc to travel everywhere, paying their own way to compete and try and bring victories back home.Sure they don’t work as many days, hours, as many of you, but they have worked, and they know the game, they respect the game, they know its a struggle out there. Its sad that it has come to this and that you have created a witch hunt after them. You lost two good friends and a few others so that you can feel superior for a hot minute.

    — smith    7 September 2008, 15:11    #
  23. www.youtube.com/watc…

    — opp    8 September 2008, 03:04    #
  24. She’s cute. She’s definitely fast. She’s nice. Everyone is a hater. Great.

    No one except her has actually said she’s a messenger. The prize and props are supposed to go to the top messenger.

    — wasn't that the point?    8 September 2008, 16:36    #
  25. “Community first. Racing second.”

    or even further down the list. I’m glad y’all had a good time – I used to have a good time at those events I made it to. But it’s sorta like Glastonbury – not like it used to be, too corporate, man. whatever.
    As far as I was concerned, the only people cheating were the ones who had an early night and didn’t stay to party – that’s not the spirit. It’s all about the party – I don’t care who won – it was never gonna be me.

    — zero    8 September 2008, 21:46    #
  26. Zero has the right idea.It’s all about the fun!

    — overdrive    9 September 2008, 08:57    #
  27. no need to apologize westcoast. just a conversation. different points need to be raised and i just appreciate the input everyone has.

    “don’t you just go to those competitions and not race”


    — cassandra    9 September 2008, 13:18    #
  28. This is a real issue for me.
    Kym is my mate, she’s a nice girl and a hard partier, and much to my chagrin, she’s faster than me.

    Of course we’ve all been having this debate for months, should someone who isn’t a working messenger be aloud to play at our championships?

    Answer: Hell yes! But, in my opinion, if they are proffessional aathletes they should man up and not race for real.
    If they are in it to have fun, then they should just do it for fun. Let the glory go to some poor shmuck who is too tired from work to train properly.

    I like both Kym and Austin very much, but perhaps it’s now time that they moved on to throwing races and using their considerable talent in the velodrome.

    — Nhatt Attack    10 September 2008, 15:25    #
  29. I’ve been following this on the mailing list as well and it’s become pretty unclear what the issue is here.
    Is it about non-messengers being allowed to compete or is it about one person who may have lied about their current messenger status in order to be eligible for better prizes ( was it air fare to Tokyo? ).

    westcoastmess    10 September 2008, 16:50    #
  30. if this “debate”\hater-aid festival was of any actual concern for the true problem, the cause of this whole situation, it would have been an argument to adjust the regulations for registration and making them a bit more clear than “anyone currently or formerly a messenger” rather than a personal attack from a very bitter hardliner. hell, i’ve worked for elite couriers for two solid years and i use that term loosely because anyone there will tell you, i made enough money to sustain myself on, pay rent, drink well then take whatever time i needed off for whatever purpose i came up with. if that makes me less of a messenger than a 50 hour per week person so be it. life comes first, work is a far second. this job means more about community and family to me. it is support for each other because we don’t get much from the outside but we can produce a brilliant amount from within. this argument is doing nothing but causing more rifts into a community (new york non-specifically) that is in dire need of solidarity and not petty squabbling. i am actually moving away from new york when i get back (still on road after naccc’s) because of how distant it is there, and this “debate” is a prime example of why that place is a constant uphill battle. to truly resolve this issue, we should hold a forum on here to debate the future regulations of our championships because i truly do believe in keeping these formats, where contrary to alley cats, we are limited in our chances compared to trained athletes, a bit more leveled.

    stop the social bitching and actually change something.

    — ilikedaysoff    10 September 2008, 19:53    #
  31. nahht: once again, i’m not trying to un-include anyone! kym should race everywhere she can! it stiffens the competion and we all like some hot moves. there are only ever a few races where anyone cares about your status, why not race all of those?

    west cost: this is about dishonesty. anyone who made me seem like it was about anything else, personal or work wise was wrong. please quote anything to the contrary. perhaps i sounded out of context. Many people brought up the fact that i despise those damn part timers or ex messengers, but some of my favorite and people i respect the most only work part time or not at all anymore. I can’t say this enough!

    I likeddaysoff: This is what my orginal post suggested, though it seemed that nothing i really said got through to the majority who responded. There is a meeting tomorrow night with several people to adjust the root of the problem at my suggestion. We’re meeting to try and organize a ‘courier of the month’ since the issue seems to be that people feel under appreciated and now backseat at our own event. Cool, we’ll make our own rewards. I would also like to see at a future time an inclusive conversation in NY about changing regulations, or at least voicing some concerns to organizing parties, at least something to bring to the table. People seem to be really into this, and I absolutely encourage or ask that you be a part of this, despite living here anymore or not. (and just because you don’t grind it out for 50 hours, 40 hours, 30, hours or even 20 doesn’t mean I don’t respect that).

    — cassandra    11 September 2008, 04:42    #
  32. does that mean you are going to start racing cassandra.
    what about food delivery? do they count

    — opp    11 September 2008, 21:48    #
  33. Look maybe the people that caused this entire incident didn’t “technically” break the rules but at best they are stretching and bending those rules to the max. There is no real way to make sure everyone who says they work actually work. There are people you see every day, and there are people you see once a month. There are people that get part time jobs just so they qualify to race in these events. Work for four a hours a day for five days in two weeks and the disappear satisfied that they now count as a messenger. To me this is simply a premeditated way of getting around the rules. I feel like in our community at our championships those rules are made in spirit of what we think is right and when people go around those rules on technicalities and loopholes it just feels wrong. They just partake in a lifestyle while we are out there dealing with the life of a bike messenger. On top of that when the majority of working couriers in a city are saying someone doesn’t work or at best are unwilling to comment on the persons status. Its hard to convince people of your working status when no one has seen you on the road since last year. I think it sucks that that instead of celebrating these peoples accomplishments the community and the organizers are instead doing this. People just need to be honest because honestly no one really wants to spend their time calling you out. No one wants to be a hater but what the fuck else are we supposed to do? Do nothing and let them get away with it?

    — dan    11 September 2008, 23:50    #
  34. Maybe I’m just speakin up cuz I drank most of the night after working most of the day in the rain and find this discussion is still going on….but i gotta say
    Before several of those complaining even moved to/started working in nyc, I was working mornings for streetwise. And while I don’t claim to be a veteran by far- I have been a courier, am a courier, and will continue being a courier for a while.
    I don’t appreciate being called a liar nor being lied about:
    -I’ve never been “banned” from any place of work. Speak to my past dispatchers. Dominick, Bob, hodari, Rodgers if u want the truth.
    -also Trackstar did bill one of my clients: for a few jobs done while I was out of town.

    I’ve been racing for a while now, and only now when I finally win do people make public complaints. If the women I raced for the championship feel cheated, please contact me. I don’t race for prizes, I race for fun, the competition, and the parties…I know this won’t change anyone’s minds. but I had to fuckin speak up already.

    … damn why isn’t all this controversy be about how I musta cheated to get 4th place overall?…

    — KP    13 September 2008, 07:30    #
  35. I’ll throw a grenade in here. Sounds like all you new yorkers are a bit upset that you got beaten by a lady. I’ve been doing this job for almost 11 years and if i got beaten by some part time female messenger, i think i would have to shake her hand.

    — Zack Speedfast    13 September 2008, 10:18    #
  36. Very f*cking noble of you ,Zack.Now go get me some biscuits!

    — overdrive    15 September 2008, 13:56    #
  37. “Just to clear up a few things…Kym is a working NYC courier, I rode around with her on Thursday for a few runs in between teaching two spin classes at NYC Sports club…this is why she won, because if she is not riding her bike for work, she’s training on her bike or teaching on her bike or just plain on her bike.”

    taken from micheal green’s blog on june of last year.

    — heywood jablomi    18 September 2008, 02:35    #
  38. NO! She ain’t no messenger and she will never be a messenger, she is into racing and dancing, but she is a personal trainer, that’s it. I know her and I wonder why is she pretending to be something that she doesn’t want to be?

    — hunter    5 June 2009, 21:03    #
  39. So not only is the lady herself a liar, but also Michael Green? I am afraid I don’t believe that. Whatever your problem with Kym is, you should take it somewhere else.

    — Bill    6 June 2009, 10:42    #
  40. There’s more posengers than messengers at most alley cats. A “dabbler” won “the worlds” last year. I know Kym(we’re by no means close) but I know not if she’s ever really been a messenger? I’ve known lots of people that were messengers long enough to bestow some street on themselves and quickly “retire” as they realized Mom and Dad weren’t going to still pay their rent(s) or tuition if they didn’t fall back in line(i.e. quit fucking riding!)So it’s no surprise this debate has finally come to my attention. If you ask me, you are not a “real” messenger if your not pumping the pedals for rent. If mommy and daddy pay your rent and your paycheck only has to pay for your booze n drugs than your as much as a posenger as any one else. There are thousands that think they can fool the lower class but I assure you people like me that grew up on food-stamps can smell a posenger from a hundred miles away, up-wind. You can fool your parents into thinking you’ve made a life-style change, but you can’t fool me. Just because Kym is “cute” and “fast” is not necessarily the reason people question her cred. Like I said before being “fast”(in a race) is a lot easier if you haven’t been riding 40 Hrs a week+ at a pace that a dispatcher dictates. Seems like if you could take a few days off(well you wouldn’t have to if your not a messenger ;)before an ally cat it would sure be beneficial to have those loose legs. Sure Kym is cute (and nice) but I wouldn’t say anyone questioning her motives is necessarily jealous. She lives in NYC and no matter how cute or fast you are, your always a small-ish fish in a big fucking frying pan. There should be a class for X-messengers or Dabblers. For now, those that are that and win they should have the grace to forfeit the prizes, they should keep the false glory achieved on the backs of those that really deserve it. I’ve been on the road since 91, albeit the last few years only part time, and get this: only in the winter! Am I a messenger? Fuck no! I say I’m a bike shop owner cause that’s where I spend my time and make my money. The only time I say I’m a courier is when I’m on the road with a package to deliver. It was easier just saying “Yeah, I’m a messenger” a few years ago when I was full time, but the fact is I’m not one any longer. Not until next winter when it gets slow again at the shop. Will I race at the NACC’s this summer? Maybe.. Will I be considered a posenger, I highly doubt it. But Like Kym, I know how many miles I’ve put under my wheels to serve the corporate monster. I know that even though I’m not riding now I have 10,000 miles on the average full time guy/gal here in Boston. And really I have no one to impress but myself. There’s no fault in questioning anyone’s “cred”. But as the old saying goes “every time you point your finger, you have three pointing back at you”. Everyone should remember that. Team Bannna-Hammock is gonna form like Voltron above the dirty skies of Boston this summer and we are going to eat your asses! yes, I said ASSES!!!!!!!!!!

    sassy    19 June 2009, 18:25    #
  41. FULL METAL MILLPORT Glasgow, Scotland July 30th 2010 invite to all fool time, part time, waste o time motherf*ckers in America, free accomodation. Hope u can make it…. jailbait!!!! ffwdmessengers@yahoo.com

    — James Tait    22 March 2010, 20:30    #
  42. i thought this was an american forum, what with all the heated debate about Kym n Austin… (two of the nicest scumbags in the industry incidentally). just trying to get the hang of this computer malarky!!!! we used to have a real 21st century geek that would do our millportpoloco propoganda for us but he went all dick wittingdon on us, anyway yeah every cunts invited to the party. free accomodation for all y,all.. x

    — james    27 March 2010, 14:34    #
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