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9.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

A lot of people have been talking over the weekend about what happened at one of London’s larger courier companies at the end of last week.

As I am employed by another of London’s bicycle messenger companies, it’s not appropriate for me to comment further, especially as what I have heard is either hearsay or information that I received in confidence (that means I was told things on condition that I did not put them on this site).

However, there are two things that I must say.

1. No-one involved in the story emerges with any credit from it, apart from the two guys who got the push, guilty of nothing worse than silence.

2. Once again, the outcome (summary dismissal) shows that this business really is benighted. As a controller, I am employed, and as such I have a contract that guarantees me a legally binding disciplinary procedure. This means that I can not be dismissed without a clear, well-defined process, governed by law, being followed.

Couriers are technically self-employed. We all know that this is a technicality. In effect, the companies tell their ‘sub-contractors’ when to work, how to work and what equipment to use when they are working, and prevent their subs from working for other courier companies. But because you all sign a contract declaring yourselves to be self-employed subs, you deny yourselves any protection under law. Thus it is that a company can act as they did last week, dismissing two riders without any preamble, on the basis of allegation and innuendo.

London Bicycle Messenger Association anyone?

Anyone want to go on the record on what happened?

  1. Apparently a third rider has now been sacked.

    — Bill    11 September 2007, 20:38    #
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