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No Bike Week
10.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

Jack Thurston is currently conducting an experiment called No Bike Week, which is where you give up riding a bike for a week, and record your experiences and feelings. Having had to involuntarily give up riding my bike on a number of occasions due to various injuries, I would never willingly deprive myself of the use of a bicycle.

Still, it will be quite interesting to hear the results. After only one day, Jack is already moaning on Twitter about the inconvenience of having to walk. Today he is going to use the bus. I think he will be unpleasantly surprised if he is expecting to find the buses any more incovenient! I would wish you good luck, Jack, but like the most of the rest of London’s cyclists, I can see no reason why you would want to put yourself through the ordeal!

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  1. i totally agree wit u ,Bill
    only NOT riding when i’m sick
    otherwise i can not see the reason to put my bike away and then what? walk? or maybe use a public transport
    well, i dont think so

    — hans kloss    10 March 2009, 12:30    #
  2. I have been surprised by the skepticism, at times bordering on hostility, to the idea. It reminds me nothing more of when I have suggested to someone who drives a car everywhere that they might like to try riding a bicycle.

    We can all get stuck in our ways. I don’t think anyone was ever harmed by changing their routine for a little while or taking a walk in the shoes of others (in this case literally!).

    The courageous band of No Bike Weekers is keeping on keeping on. and I am becomimg ever more certain that the results will be interesting and potentially challenging.

    Stay tuned to The Bike Show to find out.

    Jack    10 March 2009, 14:53    #
  3. Next is No Shower Week and No Food Week, followed closely by No Sex Week. No thanks!

    I sit at a desk ten hours a day; after a week of no riding I’d not only balloon up but probably start punching people in the face.

    David    14 March 2009, 10:39    #
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