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Nigel AWOL
13.07.09 by Buffalo Bill

Nige is on the right in this pic

This from Xanthe:

“I don’t know if you are aware that he has been missing for the last 6 months, he has and nobody save myself and Dario have seen him. When he last visited me he’d been at a casino somewhere in W2 and I have now taken to riding round at night looking for his locked bike. The plan is to get an idea of his where abouts (though I have a feeling he may have left London) then we are going to stake out those locations….it sounds pretty desperate and it is. He is/has been missing for too long and is mentally in a very dark place indeed.

Nigel is apparently still in greater London and playing poker for a living, he was previously a courier & many of you will probably recognize his face. I know he is still riding around as when he visited me he told me he had left his bike locked in Bayswater after drinking too much.

All I ask is that peeps watch out for his face, esp in central London as I know he is frequenting casinos in the W1 & W2 areas and if you do see him please let me know the whereabouts as we (I, his family and friends) are trying to put a plan into action.”

Many of you will remember Nige from Creative, XL and all the other companies he worked for. He’s a good guy, and was an excellent messenger and drinking companion. If you see him let us know. My phone number is on the contact page of this site.

  1. Good luck.

    — unknown    14 July 2009, 12:13    #
  2. Hi I saw him the other night outside the duke of wellington in Portobello, unmistakabley him, as I used to say hi when riding…

    — Nikita    19 July 2009, 21:30    #
  3. will keep a look out for him! x

    — lima    31 July 2009, 00:06    #
  4. I know that this is old. I saw him about two weeks ago in regents park, about 8am on a thursday. pretty sure it was him. thought nothing of it just gave a nod, and got a sly look in return. looked courierlike, though without a bike at the time. about 30 mins later remembered this post and thought about going back. dont know if this is any help. hope it is.

    — f.g.    1 December 2009, 03:15    #
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