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New forum for bicycle messengers
25.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

Cassandra has made a new online forum for cycle couriers. The url is http://www.cyclecourier.org/vanilla. I find it quite hard to keep up with all the various fora. I only regularly post to Londonfgss these days, and very occasionally to messenger mailing list, and, of course, the Moving Target forum, which is getting busier all the time.

I also find very large fora tiresome, as one generally finds that people use the anonymity as a cloak that allows them to post unfunny, unhelpful and, occasionally, incredibly rude messages, the like of which my life is too short to waste my time even consciously skipping. That is in the nature of the internet – it’s very very public.

On the other hand, online stuff is a great way to pass the time if you are stuck indoors with time to kill. But they are no substitute for riding a bike. The great strength of the web is that it makes it easy to get the word out about stuff that has happened (like riders getting hurt) or stuff that is going to happen (like fund-raising events for riders that have been hurt).

Before the interweb became popular, we had to do it all by flier, fax and phone-calls. This was time and money consuming, but I kind of miss the personal touch – if I was helping to organise an event, I felt that I had to put a flier in the hand of every single messenger in London, personally invite them all. Which led to engagement, and that engagement broke down barriers, and helped to create connections. Now all I do is post to the blog.

Bike courier mashup thing

  1. We still rely on handing out flyers every time. Not everyone, not even most couriers are webheads I would say. But what’s all this? A new forum for cycle couriers? Shall we sign up Bill?? Shall we?

    — Dazzlenger    25 March 2009, 11:33    #
  2. I dunno.

    — Bill    25 March 2009, 12:04    #
  3. One way we are helping to discourage “the cloak of anonymity” is by making the forum application based. Well I mean its not like a mensa test, just asking for your name and city of work. We are also toying with the idea of community moderation which disables posts from negative users. administrators also have the ability (hopefully not regularly used) to boot members who post “unfunny, unhelpful and, occasionally, incredibly rude messages” Especially unfunny ones. But anyone who would like to be an administrator is welcome to contact me, we’re still looking for a few more to keep things balanced. Anyway I put some work into it and hope that its at least half as popular/helpful/interesting as moving target’s very sucessful and appropriate forum. At least I hope it provides some laughs for your down time.

    — cassandra    25 March 2009, 16:00    #
  4. This is so elitist. How am I going to get all the inside info required to keep my fakenger credentials authentic and zeitgeisty?

    What would Emily Pankenger make of these divisive tactics…

    — BringMeMyFix    26 March 2009, 11:56    #
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