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Nasty rag gets the message - Standard starts 'battle for safer cycling'
30.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

I detest the Standard. It comes from the same stable as the Daily Mail, which is the most reactionary of all the newspapers. It used to be the home of Alexander Walker (re-named Alexander W&nker by an MT writer), a notoriously anti-cyclist old fart.

However, even the Standard has joined the HGV/cyclist thing by way of a ‘charter for London cyclists’, published across 3 pages, as well as the front page. I expect it will be pushed off the front page when the verdicts on the bomb plotters make the later editions. The comment page says: ‘cyclists must be given the road space and safety they deserve’.

Obviously, I disagree with prioritising ‘a real cycle network’, ‘better cycle lanes’, and ‘enforcement of … …advanced stop lines’ over measures to reduce the fatal danger from HGVs (lorries). Conrad Dutoit was killed in the Pancras Way bike lane by a right turning lorry, which is a seperated lane, of a very modern design. The driver got points and a fine, of course.

OK, Ken, everyone seems to agree that you are not doing enough to protect cyclists and promote cycling in London. So come on, then. Start doing more.

Anyone find the link for the piece? I can’t be arsed, and I have got to get my track bike sorted out for tonight.


OK, breaking away is right. I should say that 5 pages of positive coverage in the Standard is definitely a good thing, whatever reservations I might have about the editorial policy of the paper. I am typing this with my teeth gritted, though.

There is a Bike Show pod-cast on these issues scheduled for later today. Check it out.

  1. Come on Bill..it’s a good effort whatever right wing crap the Standard usually come up with.Certainly gonna reach alot of people.I guess Andrew Gilligan’s been reading Moving Target.

    — breaking away    30 April 2007, 15:47    #
  2. No link to it yet, the only thing they have is this pitiful mention:

    “Let’s make London a safer place to cycle

    We need an integrated network of bike lanes throughout the capital “

    Maybe it will appear on the Metro site tomorrow though. They always try and get their money’s worth at least twice.

    DavidK    30 April 2007, 19:00    #
  3. Check out Time Out this week (Art special front cover) for Michael Hodge’s anti-bike column.

    Shameful stuff. It’s reverse roles – the Standard liking two wheels and TO calling ALL cyclists ‘fascists.’

    Don’t buy it – read it in WHHsmiths.

    onionbagblogger    3 May 2007, 21:06    #
  4. Mate, I read your piece on the Time Out article. Fantastic rant – saved me the trouble of writing something myself.

    — Bill    4 May 2007, 09:16    #
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