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Nadir Olivet awarded the Markus Cook Memorial Award
17.11.10 by Buffalo Bill

Nadir Olivet pic: Kym P

The International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations is pleased to announce that Toronto’s Nadir Olivet has been awarded the 2010 Markus Cook Memorial Award (MCA) for Services to the International Messenger Community. The IFBMA has awarded the Markus Cook Award since 1998 to the person who has inspired and empowered the wider messenger community, and who put all messengers before themselves.

Nadir received a surprise presentation of the award on November 16, 2010 at Toby’s Famous Eatery, 411 College St, Toronto, ON at 9:30pm. Nadir Olivet is the fourth Toronto messenger to win the award in its thirteen year history.

Nadir has been throwing races, raising money and inspiring messengers for more than ten years. He is a limitless visionary. He dreams big and he brings those dreams to reality. He has organized the Global Warming Alleycat simultaneously in cities such as Mexico City, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Toronto. His Look Ma No Brakes alleycat brought the largest cash prize to messenger racing. And his Grand Premio of Guatemala introduced messengers to the possibility of competing in every part of the world while contributing to the local community.

For years Nadir has opened his house, his wallet and his mind for the benefit of others the world over. As the owner of La Carrera Cycles in Toronto, he has sponsored and helped messengers make the adjustment from alleycat racing to professional racing including the Olympic Games.

Nadir is the most nominated person for the Markus Cook Award, receiving a nomination virtually every year with his nominations coming from all over the world. However 2010 is the most appropriate year for Nadir to receive this award. This year he kept a promise to the people of Guatemala and brought the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) to the town of Panajachel.

Tropical Storm Hermine brought heavy rains, mud slides and closed roads to Panajachel. Nadir brought bike messengers, inspiration and determination. He led messengers to collect and distribute a large quantity of supplies to benefit the victims of the tropical storm. When the figure-eight track and the polo court were washed out his crew rebuilt them in record time ensuring the Championships’ success. CMWC Panajachel reinvented the CMWC bringing immense pride to the international messenger community. Nadir integrated the Championships with the local community, changing the lives of both the locals and the messengers. Panajachel responded to the efforts by opening their arms to the international messengers and presenting Nadir with the key to the city.

MCA pic: E Blanchet

The 2010 CMWC was an incredible accomplishment truly deserving of this award but Nadir earned it long before 2010. The international messenger community is pleased to present Nadir with this award but we are much more pleased to have him as a role model and inspiration to the world.

The other nominees were:

Papillon (London)
Sinya, Lacko, Buppa and Nicos (Budapest)

Previous recipients are:

2009 – Luk Keller
2008 – Banana
2007 – Andy Zalan
2006 – ‘Squid’ & Amy Bolger
2005 – Jean Andre Vallery
2004 – Buffalo Bill
2003 – Wayne Scott
2002 – Derek Chadbourne
2001 – Joel Metz
2000 – John Kenda & the Philadelphia BMA – Boston/Philadelphia, US
1999 – Rebecca Reilly
1998 – Joe Hendry

Rebecca Reilly: Nerves of Steel, Heart of Gold
London bicycle messenger Papillon receives 2011 Markus Cook Award for services to the messenger community
CMWC as I saw it
Papillon nominated for Marcus Cook Award
"You've crashed our web-site" - message from Panajachel
Art Show
Pollo Finals
La Ocho Finals
Lake Atitlan Ride
La Ocho Lives!

  1. well done Nadir…

    — papillon    17 November 2010, 10:37    #
  2. You go Nad…

    — overdrive    18 November 2010, 15:19    #
  3. Sorry about this^^
    Bill, can you remove that comment for me please?
    And this one?

    — overdrive    18 November 2010, 17:15    #
  4. No.

    — Bill    19 November 2010, 09:06    #
  5. OK then.

    — overdrive    19 November 2010, 09:33    #
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