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My favourite Andy Zalan quote
4.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

Over on the messengers list, the ‘real’ messenger debate has started up again. I think the whole ‘real’ messenger debate is a load of crap, and I have said so a bunch of times. The funniest response to the debate was a piss-take by Andy Zalan, current holder of the Marcus Cook Award. It goes as follows:

shut the f*** up all you courier wannabe pussies! everybody knows that you are not a real messenger unless you ride a black track bike with no brakes, push a 52-15 gear ratio or larger, earn at least 150 bucks a day, and have suffered through at least 5 winters, until then you are just a rookie…

nuff said.


By the messengers list I mean the electronic mailing list of the IFBMA, over at the excellent DC courier site. To receive messages from the list you have to be subscribed, otherwise have a look at the archives.

  1. where has it started up Bill? Can’t find it.

    — will    4 June 2008, 19:40    #
  2. 150 bucks a day? How the hell would i fund my international playboy lifestyle on that. Isn’t that about 3 pounds these days now the yankie dollar is worth 2 cents to the pound

    — Zack Speedfast    4 June 2008, 19:56    #
  3. It aint that funny.

    — overdrive    5 June 2008, 15:45    #
  4. hmm seems like a joke.. most guys dont even know 52 × 15… Im close with 53 × 17 for a bunch of years… now im only 50 × 18… and a fakenger

    but hell its funny but its not. its funny but its not.. but from AZ you know its a shudup ya face thing.. but then there is this smile on the end.

    yogi    3 September 2008, 14:31    #
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