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Muppets in Essex
7.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

This cycling facility in Essex has been planned, designed and executed using council tax-payer’s money.

I am lost for words.

Ok, I can think of a word.

Begins in ‘m’, ends in ‘t’, six letters.

Thanks to the Warringington Cycling Campaign, and Roxy for the spot.

  1. Makes sense though: ride for the bits between the drive ways.
    Dismount at the sign and safely walk across the drive way. Get back on at the bike logo on the ground and repeat about 7 times.

    Helf and sfty innit!

    — dufus    7 September 2007, 18:12    #
  2. check out the site! well worth a read. They added the signs because fat people were coasting down the hill and they wanted them to get a better work out. Really. Check out the site.

    — roxy    7 September 2007, 21:31    #
  3. I had similar thoughts about stupid facilities coming up Amwell St last night – why does the cycling lane have bollards in it that punt you towards the pavement and they spit you back out into the traffic? Random and pointless.

    Alex    8 September 2007, 11:28    #
  4. surely that’s a fake! how could that possibly be real?!

    — bass man    9 September 2007, 22:54    #
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