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Muppets and Heroes of 2007
31.12.07 by Buffalo Bill


Whoever it was at citysprint that had the bright idea of sacking (or terminating the contract) of a rider right in time for Xmas, thus earning the company a front page box on the Observer Business section gets a solid platinum kermit. Not all publicity is good publicity. I don’t know the whys and wherefores, and I don’t want to comment too much on the goings-on at another company (I too have made rider management decisions that I bitterly regret), but the actions of the sprint, and their published response scream bad person management.

I have to award a bronze Kermit to the muppet at the GMB that wrote the press release about the incident. ‘Pushbike rider’? The only people that push their bikes are motor-cyclists who have broken down. I think you will find that the cyclists are actually turning their pedals in circles – it’s called pedalling, and that’s why it’s called a pedal-cycle.

Bronze kermit to Matt Seaton also, for misquoting me in relation to the Great Fakenger Debate. But he did offer a retraction so perhaps I am being a little harsh.

Gold Kermit to James Daley, of the Indy. Many people have emailed me about his continuing idiocy in the motoring section of my favourite paper. Among his crimes were: admiring and owning the Langster, plugging Evans Cycles frequently and shamelessly, starting a pointless and baseless war with motor-cyclists and being a personal finance writer.

Gold kermit to Ken Livingstone for not writing back to me after I sent him this letter. Just a short note would have done. You’re supposed to represent me, after all.

Platinum kermit to Boris Johnson for getting the facts about bendy-buses and cyclists completely wrong, and then failing to correct himself. And for being a Tory knob.

Platinum kermit for everyone, and I mean everyone, that was involved in the absurd and ridiculous pantomime at Lewis Day that led to 3 blameless and hard-working riders losing their jobs.

Gold kermit to all in New York (and elsewhere) who protested so loudly and rudely about the DQ of Austin Horse – to the point where the Dub crew felt obliged to take down their forum. Jesus, get over it, the guy broke the rules!


Gareth of Berlin/Dublin. He got DQed from the top spot, but behaved with a lot of courtesy, and his account of the situation made me laugh.

All the organisers of London’s Calling, CMWC XV and Millportpoloco. I had the best couple of weekends of messenger fun that I have had in ages. Even in the rain. Particularly heroic: Josh, for organising the ride to Dublin. And Ross, for an amazingly quick fork change at the roller race.

Jack Thurston of the Bike Show. He has brought all sorts of wierd and wacky stuff, including Rollapaluza, to a wider audience. Chapeau!

Xander of House of Pistard. Ryan got himself into a spot of bother. Xander pretty much single-handedly helped the rest of us help him out. Top work.

Therese Bjorn and Jos. Top-placed London riders at CMWC XV, and also organised some great events in 2007.

Wookie and Twitchy. Without doubt organised the best Alleycats of 2007. I particularly enjoyed their Alleynhatt efforts, amongst others.

The editor contemplates a new career as an executive car driver.  Pic: Karl Blanchet

I also want to thank all the people that contributed to Moving Target over the past year, whether it was photos, words, comments or posts on the forums. It’s here for you, you make it what it is. And to all the other messenger bloggers, keep it up! It would be really boring around here without you.

OK, I am going to close by thanking all the readers, riders and other revolutionists who look in at MT. Thanks for reading and have a great 2008.

  1. nice work bill
    happy new year

    — nasty    31 December 2007, 18:26    #
  2. Cheers Craig, hope to see more of you in 2008.

    — Bill    31 December 2007, 18:51    #
  3. yes yes!!!
    happy to new year to you all!!

    — redrum    31 December 2007, 21:45    #
  4. Blimey… I’ve won an award.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow controllers & all our riders for their hard work this past year. It’s been fun & fulfilling. We at City Sprint are the hardest, fastest most successful circuit in London and I’m proud to be associated with them.

    I note, somewhat unsurprisingly, that Bill has made bad rider management decisions. I’m glad to say I did not.

    My best wishes to you all for the New Year!!!

    — spirogiro    1 January 2008, 15:56    #
  5. Let’s not forget Michael Hodges at Time Out:


    ‘The government gives our money to the new fascists. Why should taxpayers pay to put more cyclists on our paths?’

    And what ever became of the great Evening Standard pro-cycling campaign?

    Keep up the fine work in 08 Bill.

    Have a good one.

    onionbagblogger    1 January 2008, 16:23    #
  6. Keep the blog going, funny, informative and like sand in the eyes of those that deserve it

    — paul wood    1 January 2008, 20:26    #
  7. who’s that geezer who looks like some sort of gangster in the picture?

    — messenger of doom    1 January 2008, 20:35    #
  8. nice

    nice    1 January 2008, 23:43    #
  9. Happy New Year from all in dublin to everyone out there. And thanks Bill for the good press after CMWC, I was on the verge of insanity until your words seemed to bring a lot of people back down to earth, cheers!

    2Graham    2 January 2008, 00:24    #
  10. Bill
    As you already know, we love you and we could not possibly go on without you. Jokes aside, happy new year and good luck.
    p.s the geezer in the pic, looking like a gangster, is a controller feeding on a salmon d.s

    — michael.toivonen    2 January 2008, 00:47    #
  11. cheers bill, great work you’re doing. BTW, thanx for not putting me up at the muppet-awards-section.

    have a greater year,


    haute courier    2 January 2008, 13:45    #
  12. Thanks for ´07. I would like to complain about you not putting Vincent in the muppet section. Other than that- Great work..

    Heres to an even better ´08

    — martin    6 January 2008, 23:50    #
  13. Classic post Bill. Hope your injuries have healed/improved?? Happy NY.

    Ed    8 January 2008, 13:22    #
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