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Muppet of the Month, August 07
24.08.07 by _targetbot

Combing the _targetbot spam filter I found this from ‘the real slim shakey’. Shakey says;

learner driving aussie style, in a ute! totally missed corner
that has a 25kph limit, Macdonaldtown, Sydney.

Caught this while on my 350 mile training jaunt round Essex this morning. White van man becomes moving target!

A victim of the local Al-Qaeda squirrel population (his claim) no doubt.

Normal service with Bill will return shortly…

  1. Man, those damn squirrels, they never know when to draw a line in the sand.

    www.BikesThatFold.com… – Its a Folding bike thing!

    Drk    25 August 2007, 10:00    #
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