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Muppet of the Month April 2009
1.04.09 by Buffalo Bill

An early April Fool? This pic was taken yesterday by Little Jon. He says that there were numerous notes attached to the back wheel, some polite, some not so, the messages of which were along the lines of ‘don’t do this again – ever’.

I am sure of lot of you saw this yesterday, but definitely worth recording for posterity. Muppet.

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  1. that is indeed a muppet manoeuvre ! But the true muppet’s are all the people who rode and walked past this and didn’t bother to slide the bike (and lock) up the U-shaped rail, along the flat (top) rail and jam the damn bike down the other side !!!

    — cocobop    1 April 2009, 07:39    #
  2. Love it.

    — Tanya    1 April 2009, 18:29    #
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