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Moving Target & the Dalston Dynamo
26.05.12 by Buffalo Bill

just one of the sights along the route of the Dalston Dynamo

Moving Target has always been at the forefront of the urban cycling movement. We don’t claim to have invented city cycling, but let’s just say that we were there just after Mr Raleigh first rode down Oxford Street. We have been reporting the doings of London’s hippest cyclists for literally decades before hipsters invented the fixie.

Moving Target is delighted to announce that we will be the official media partner for London’s latest, biggest and most exciting cycling event, the Dalston Dynamo. To say that we are excited about this event is an understatement. Or a mis-statement. Or something like that.

Anyway, as the official Dalston Dynamo media partner, we will bringing you live coverage from the event, including minute-by-minute updates from start, finish, feed station & all along the 1km route. Although this will require the commitment of considerable resources, we feel that the event is worth the effort. Please visit the official Dalston Dynamo site for more information about the event, including how to register, route-maps, return buses and other exciting news.

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  1. I trust that LFGSS will now be banned from the event?

    — Bill    26 May 2012, 10:45    #
  2. Message to all pedants: I know that there wasn’t actually a Mr Raleigh. I was using the epithet metaphorically.

    — Bill    26 May 2012, 10:53    #
  3. Awe.. that picturesque terraced row was my first home in London!

    — drrtyoldpunk    26 May 2012, 15:49    #
  4. “minute-by-minute updates from start, finish, feed station & all along the 1km route.” All this in the space of five minutes? Remarkable.

    — pornomike    26 May 2012, 15:53    #
  5. >>>>>>>>>

    — >>>>>>>>>    1 June 2012, 13:52    #
  6. zzzzzzzzzz….

    — overdrive    6 June 2012, 09:10    #
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