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Moving Target readers donate £160 to injured riders
10.03.08 by Buffalo Bill

Anyway, back to the serious stuff.

As you all know, two London bicycle messengers were injured by collisions with lorries last Monday. After a day of rumour and counter rumour, we discovered that although they had both been seriously hurt, neither of them were dead, and were going to walk, and more than likely ride, again.

There have been various fund-raising efforts, including Jos raffling prizes after the Artycat, but over here at MT, people have been donating cash via paypal (which you can still do – bill.chidley at mac.com, mark it ‘EC Donation’). So far the MT injured rider fund, 100% of which (less paypal’s fees) will go to Chewy and Effri, stands at £160!

Which is pretty amazing. Thank you all very much indeed.

I just wish I could get through to Chewy on the phone to let him know…

  1. I’m pretty sure chewy lost his phone a few days before getting hit.

    — JB    10 March 2008, 21:21    #
  2. i think that between the shitloads of london messengers we can do a bit better than £160… im gonna go round an do my own bit of fundraising this week… dont fuck about.. support yer brothers and sisters!

    — seamus o'hooligan    16 March 2008, 13:18    #
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