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Moving Target polo team at Shoreditch Invitational
11.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

sleeping beauties

Sneaking in under the wire by means of dirty tricks, bribery and sleight-of-hand, the Moving Target polo team has obtained entry to the Shoreditch Invitational Polo Tournament. With the kind of up-and-at-‘em, get-up-and-go attitude displayed by the two star players Janky and Jon here, the bicycle couriers of London are entitled to expect great things, especially when allied with Carcrusher Ryan, the messenger secret weapon.

Go MT, go! But wait, what’s this? A team of exengers and almost exengers called Pedalphiles, which includes the legendary Zack Speedfast? And the editor of this useless ‘zine himself riding for Rollapaluza? American Mike, riding for the current London bike polo champions, Zombie RMY? Lots of messenger interest…

  1. they are my friends but i am not one of them.

    — zack speedfast    11 July 2008, 19:01    #
  2. i bumped into team pedalphiles at the pub. They said the 2 guys on the cover of MT riding for MT look like batty boys. They said they are going to bring violence and pain to brick lane and no spoke is safe.

    — zack speedfast    11 July 2008, 22:29    #
  3. Taking into consideration that there’ll be families present
    at the polo isnt calling
    yourselves “pedalphiles“a tad

    — overdrive    12 July 2008, 14:20    #
  4. Overdrive:

    the guardian of standards in public life.

    — Bill    12 July 2008, 14:24    #
  5. the word pedalphile quite literally means pedal-lover…I see nothing wrong that!

    Winston    12 July 2008, 18:38    #
  6. You see nothing wrong that!
    It means nonces on bicycles and your english is shite….literally!
    Now f*ck right off and play with your circus bike.

    — uberdrive    14 July 2008, 17:37    #
  7. there’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that “pedalphile” was probably chosen because it sounds controversial [woOOo!] on account of it being phonetically close to paedophile. that quite literally means someone who wants to have sex with children.

    the whole thing tastes bad IMO.

    — sleepy    22 July 2008, 00:53    #
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