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Motor-myths: going faster is not more dangerous
13.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

As I mentioned before, the motor-car is the object of many myths. Here in the UK, one of the most repeated myths is that speed doesn’t really kill. And its adjunct myth, that the public is ready to revolt against the imposition of fines for speeding.

Like the myth that there would be a popular uprising over the Congestion Charge (ridiculous – cars get burnt in riots), the assertion that a majority of the public is fed up with the current level of enforcement of the laws relating to excessive speed is without foundation. According to George Monbiot, 82% of the population approve of speed cameras, and 62% regard speeding as a serious offence.

But the pro-speed lobby live in a looking-glass world where faster is safer, privilege is right and petrol is not a finite resource. On Friday, Paul Smith, the founder of the non-sequitur entitled ‘campaign’ group Safe Speed gave a quote to the Standard in response to the news that breaking the speed limit will now be a six point endorsement offence. ‘Drivers will be rightly concerned that they will be faced with losing their licences after two perfectly routine cases of driving safely. We all know that exceeding the speed limit isn’t automatically dangerous.’ Yeah, Paul, and up really is down.

  1. To be fair, most “speed kills” arguments do confuse or merge “excessive speed” and “speeding”. Appropriate speed limits and their enforcement can only affect the latter, not the former.

    Of course most peoples thinking is too car-head and so I won’t go too far defending the tin boxes :)

    — nohelmet    13 November 2007, 11:36    #
  2. It all becomes clear… Safety is the real reason why so many bicyclists are riding bikes with only one gear. So they don’t risk going too fast. It all makes sense.

    Maybe the solution to the problem of cars speeding is to start a new edgy urban fad for one gear cars. Get to it, trend setters. Bill, you might have to pass your driving test for this one, but will be well worth it.

    Next week: Nice track bike, shame about the drenched, crud-splattered clothes.

    jack    13 November 2007, 16:47    #
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