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More cargo bikes!
10.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

This article picked up by Joe Hendry over at messmedia.

Courier services from coast to coast are adding newfangled bikes to their fleets and touting the cost savings of going gas-free.

At San Francisco’s Cricket Courier, businesses with a two-hour delivery window can line up a bike courier in the downtown core for as little as $8, compared to $26 for a car or van. For small businesses with big bills, savings like that can be a life-saver, so it’s no wonder bicycle delivery companies are picking up speed faster than Lance Armstrong on a downhill straightaway.

Equipped with flatbeds, baskets or cargo lockers, the new generation of delivery bikes can haul just about anything. At New Amsterdam Project (NAP), a “human-powered delivery service” in Boston, trikes outfitted with bright red cargo bins can deliver up to 800 pounds of goods in all kinds of weather.

More on Moving Target about cargo bikes below.

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