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Monkey attacks London courier
26.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

Some lunatic skater wearing a gorilla mask has been threatening and attacking couriers (and probably other cyclists as well). Here is Chandra’s account of an encounter earlier this week in Holborn.

I had this really weird encounter with him yesterday. He was heading the wrong way up Procter st as I was heading home. I saw him get close to a cyclist up front but couldn’t see what happened, then he headed straight for me. He threw a punch but it didn’t land straight, grazed my side more. I didn’t come off my bike or anything.
Then I got really really angry and without quite thinking turned straight round and followed him onto Theobalds. I grabbed his shoulder from behind and then he swung round and hit me on the elbow.

We then had this weird stand off as I was shouting at him brandishing a d-lock. I didn’t hit him, wish I had but I realised he was bigger and I didn’t know what he was going to do. Plus as I was now standing over my bike he was out of swinging range.
He was shouting back do you want to me to hit you, brandishing a plastic orange bag with something in it. He had pulled up his mask and was either mixed race or black, also fairly stocky.

It ended when another courier stopped and asked if I was o.k and he headed off.

There is another sighting of this sociopath reported on the forum, which was also in Holborn, so if you see a skater behaving erratically in that area stay well away.

Monkey skater attack - a response from a skater
Checkpoint monkey

  1. Someone should post this info on lfgss site? I’m not a member so am unable to.

    — Gertie    26 February 2009, 12:44    #
  2. Done.

    — Bill    26 February 2009, 13:15    #
  3. What a freak. Giving primates a bad name.

    If only all the monkeys were like the monkey in the Monkey Ska

    Jack    26 February 2009, 14:06    #
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