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Mixpression Tokyo
20.05.08 by Buffalo Bill

SloMo, of Keirin Berlin, a veteran of 10 CMWCs and many Berlin and New York City messenger winters, recently travelled to Tokyo for Mixpression. Here is a brief report that he posted to the global messenger list-server.

mixpression 9 was a great event, great people and soooo many prices the winners needed help carrying them. sino won by almost 5 mins ahead the 2nd placed, that is pretty amazing for a 90 mins final, he will be in toronto, so watch out for him… also daisuke of course won the skids, who else, he also will be in to.

that was japans first ever closed course messenger race, a test and promo for the cmwc in 2009… about 120 racers competed and it rained the whole fukking time… looks like the japanese got it together… went to two cmwc meetings and they have good spirit and a lot of ideas, this is going to be fun. the cmwc in tokyo is scheduled around the weekend of september 18th and 19th 2009, including a velodrome day at keiokaku keirin track.

as everything can’t be 100% perfect, i got to say they did not let me race, as i was not gonna mount a brake on my bike… yeah yeah, no brake discussions… that was the rule, and there was no way around it, they always said…: “ this is japan, you know, japanese rule…” hmmmmm, but no worries we got more than a year to talk them out of that… there will be some other problems the japanese are concerned about, this is japan, you got to behave…, you know what i mean…

but in the meantime, save your money, this will be a trip you will never forget in your life…


A messenger world champs in which everyone has use a front brake? Blimey. Maybe they will try and get them all to wear helmets, too. Oh, wait, they do that already.

Brakes aside, Tokyo 2009… The way the work is at the moment, I think anyone that wants to go will need to start saving now.

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