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Mission Workshop Messenger bags launch party Thursday 12th August
11.08.10 by Buffalo Bill

Mission Workshop Vandal back-pack

Mission Workshop, a San Francisco based messenger bag manufacturer, is opening a shop inside 14 Bike Co premises’, at 13 Elys Yard. Or maybe it’s next door. Anyway, tomorrow night there is a ‘Mission style party complete with margarita bar, California beer and backyard BBQ’. Should be fun.

I am told that the expandable back-packs are something else, and can carry a bike with ease.

In other news, the long-awaited Beer Gutz is happening this Friday, an aperitif for the LCEF Summer Ball.

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  1. Must say that the backpacks are impressive but the “messenger” bags look shite and will swing all over the place with a load on.

    — pornomike    13 August 2010, 10:05    #
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