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Millportpoloco IV August 1st - 3rd
28.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

This time it’s a messengerpolapocalypse!

The most terrifying event on the messenger event calendar, bar none, is taking place once again. This year will feature an extended stay on the island – one more night of flooding and/or tent arson! Moving Target is sponsoring the event, but accepts no responsiblity for any injuries, mental or physical, that may result from participation in the event. If you are stupid enough to go, then it’s your own damn fault if you get hurt, so don’t come crying to me with tales of how those nasty ruffians from north of the border stole your bike, bag and best girl and then laughed at you when you begged them for the price of a bus fare home. Why do you think Selimski quit drinking forever after Millport II?

There’s a very tame BBC film clip on the forum, which in no way gives a true picture of full horror that is Millportpolocalypse. If there ever was a case where caveat emptor [1] applies, this is it. If you really must go, then please see the official Millportpoloco site. You fools.

1 Latin phrase meaning civilisation stops at Watford.

  1. Watford; only if you’re travelling south Bill

    — will    29 June 2008, 09:37    #
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