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Millportpoloco - is it a 'proper' messenger event?
11.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

Pic: Selim

What kind of messenger event is it that can be won by a pissed-up, raggedy-arsed, colonial donkey?

Millportpoloco, apparently. Lane carries all before him.

Xander has a brief report here. It’s worth a read, not least for yet another Millport messenger first: Skidtles. Is that how you spell it? Answers on a postcard to Xander.

Looks like a bunch of drunk messengers inadvertently spilling beer to me.

  1. nuts

    — messyangel    11 September 2007, 22:48    #
  2. That puddle is a mixture of Irn-Bru, sea water, blood and sweat…you don’t seriously think any beer would get wasted at Millportpoloco.

    westcoastmess    12 September 2007, 10:50    #
  3. Millport is THE messenger event, if you cant dig it eat a bowl of dick.

    — safa brian    12 September 2007, 19:48    #
  4. What’s that Brian? You want someone to eat your d*ck in a bowl?

    — Bill    12 September 2007, 22:25    #
  5. Are you asking me out on a date Bill?

    — safa brian    13 September 2007, 21:38    #
  6. I was out last Friday and I found this label beside the pavement. It said ‘Please look after this Brian’.

    — Dazzler    13 September 2007, 21:51    #
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