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Met Police appeal against High Court ruling that Critical Mass is legal
15.03.07 by Buffalo Bill

The BBC reports that the Met are continuing in their efforts to make Critical Mass ‘legal’, by forcing the ‘organisers’ to provide a route and schedule before the event takes place.

Taking legal action costs money, and you, dear reader, might well feel that this money would be better spent on seeking meaningful prosecutions for drivers whose negligence kills cyclists.

I personally don’t attend many Critical Masses these days, but any disruption that is caused by a few hundred cyclists taking the opportunity to use the roads as a group is surely minimal.


For those of you with an interest, the original high court ruling is here

  1. what happened on this? the coppers have been acting quite aggressively of late.. we need more supporters out on the ride.

    — lucky_7    18 March 2007, 14:33    #
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