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Messengers win Raphapaluza
18.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

I am not saying that Moving Target was the difference between this time and last time. But the fact remains that with the incentive of a Moving Target t-shirt, the male messenger team overcame the others and won Raphapaluza.


The Fireflies girls won the female competiton, and Simon Jackson, again, won the Have-A-Go section. Simon Jackson also set a new record time on this Rollapaluza set-up, 19.80. In fact, the record fell at least 4 times, with first Charlie, then SeBo and Simon (twice) beating the previous marks.

Overall, Moving Target awards the event A+ extra. The only thing that could possibly be criticised was the temperature, but that would be quibbling. And veterans of Rollapaluza need only cast their minds back to the very first Rollapaluza, held in a drafty warehouse in February, to recall that the temperature at that venue was below freezing.

The organisation of the event was excellent, the addition of a boxing ring was a stroke of genius, the event looked fantastic and the new score-board worked like a dream. Thanks very much to Jacquie for womanfully shinning up and down the ladder like an Amazonian window-cleaner. My heartiest congratulations to Rapha and Therese Bjorn for taking roller-racing to a new level.

Fantastic! Full results to follow.

  1. Ja! Well done all!

    hippy    18 November 2007, 12:18    #
  2. Do you, by any chance, have any pictures of this ‘Amazonian window-cleaner’?

    — elton    19 November 2007, 16:20    #
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