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Messengerpaluza II - March 20th Horseshoe
10.01.09 by Buffalo Bill

As assiduous readers of Moving Target will know, roller racing as a spectacle was re-introduced to these shores by London’s bicycle messengers. And Rollapaluza have taken roller-racing to the nation in 2008. Now firmly re-established in public’s mind as a thrilling night out, they have hosted Olympic champions on their rig, and successfully promoted their own events at diverse venues. Indeed, the two fastest times posted are those of Craig Mclean (500m in 18.94) and Chris Hoy (19.44).

So it is with great pleasure that Moving Target announces the second messenger-only Rollapaluza, which is taking place at the Horseshoe pub, Friday March 20th. Please note that only current messengers, ie actual working couriers, not exengers or messenger friends, will be allowed to race. But, of course, all spectators will be welcome. The proceeds of the event will go to the London Courier Emergency Fund.

Reports and results from last year’s are messengerpaluza here. Those messenger wishing to increase their cadence can have a go at the Rollapaluza Brass Monkey events, coming up next week at the Imbibe bar, and on the 11th February at the Horseshoe.

  1. You guys are courieracist, what’s wrong with exengers having a go?

    — zack speedfast    11 January 2009, 03:38    #
  2. There’s nothing wrong.It’s couriers only,shame I cant kick your arse this year as well,Zack.
    By the way,big thanx to Winston and Caspar for doing this.

    — overdrive    11 January 2009, 15:51    #
  3. Who’s MC’ing??

    — Dazzling    12 January 2009, 20:42    #
  4. anyone seen my grey condor pista lost it friday nite old st? aussie mike 07531759836

    — mike    25 January 2009, 17:11    #
  5. Gruffalo will be mastering the ceremony.

    Winston    28 January 2009, 19:02    #
  6. Alleycat winners presentation will be held too!

    — overdrive    9 February 2009, 11:25    #
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