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Messenger event starts on time, results available instantly shock
29.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

pic: Mahrou

I think it’s worth saying again that the ECMC was very, very well organised. The camp-site was practically on the race-course, there was a coffee-stall open every morning, there were free hot-showers (although not all of the participants felt able to use them for a variety of reasons too sordid to go into here), and beer cost 1 Euro.

The events started on time, and the results from the final were available instantly. In fact, I was able to follow the progress of the final on-line, using my lap-top, hooking up to the free wireless internet that was available almost everywhere on the site.

Here’s what 1997 ECMC organiser Kamaal had to say:

I just want to give big props to the ECMC 2008 crew, Tour de Ville Eindhoven. The swiss can learn something from you guys if its about punctuality, i Think from now on i will mention Eindhovens Timing in stead of Swiss Timing. I think it is one of the first Championships in which almost everything started on time. You showed the messenger community that this is possible and that organizing a Championship does NOT necessarily have to be as hectic as it usually went.

Hell, even the results were online before i could get online!


Kamaal Onderwijzer
Infinity Express

More applause from London messengers here.

And it was nice to be at a messenger champs where it didn’t rain every half hour or so. I know that weather is mostly a matter of luck, and the Eindhoven guys told me that it absolutely tipped it down the weekend before, but it was still very pleasant.

The 2009 European Cycle Messenger Championships will be in Berlin, which hosted the very first Cycle Messenger Champs in 1993. Maybe Safa Brian can keep his clothes on for that one. That would be as novel as a messenger champs starting on time.

In the meantime, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations and felicitations to the organisers, volunteers and sponsors of the 2008 ECMC. Thanks very much for the welcome, the races, the beer, the food and the ambiance, as I might say if I was french.

And coming up this weekend? Millportpoloco. Yikes. James Tait was apparently arrested again on Sunday night in Eindhoven. If we stretch a point, and include the Thursday night he spent in clink in A’dam, he has therefore spent two nights in different jails in the same weekend. MT thinks this may be a new international bicycle messenger record. West Coast Messengers: Destroying cycling since 1999.1

1 Any Scottish messenger who may be experiencing emotional trauma, loss of earnings, physical or mental damage as the result of statements made on this web-site please download this multi-purpose apology, a signed copy of which is available to one or more lucky participants of Millportpoloco.

  1. “there were free hot-showers (although not all of the participants felt able to use them for a variety of reasons too sordid to go into here)”

    creative riders cottaging?

    — sleepy    29 July 2008, 11:47    #
  2. Rollapaluza’s reports and HUNDREDS of photos here:


    Winston    31 July 2008, 16:27    #
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