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Message to London from Tofu
24.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

It’s been less than a year since I’ve last been in London, but to me, it feels like forever. Never before in my life have I met such great people and enjoyed such a great messenger scene as in London. However, in my years in London I have seen a lot of apathy, specifically in reference to the greater international messenger community. Having attended the NY CMWC from London (14 messengers), the ECMCs Basel (11 or so messengers), and the CMWCs Dublin (ok, more messengers, but really, it’s only a few hours away, there should have been 100+), London doesn’t really represent outside the M25. It seems to me, in the international messenger community, “London’s Calling” aside, no one really mentions London, especially not in the context of the amazing city and messenger community that it is.

I have been a messenger for 6 years now, non-stop, and realize how shit it can be and how poor it can make us. The other side of the coin; make it to a messenger event, and the key to the city is yours. Messengers take care of each other, and that feeling of camaraderie, even as you’re falling asleep on some damp floor of some squat in some city you couldn’t find on a map, makes up for every asshole cabbie, blind bus driver, stupid pedestrian, rude receptionist, idiot security guard and the worst days of weather thrown at us; for you are in the home of a fellow messenger. Knowing that we are all related through this, and we can all enjoy the job (for better or for worse) makes doing what we do what we do.

London messengers make more money than any other couriers in the world; trust me on this. I know work has been slow, as it has been slow worldwide according to my sources, but skip a few nights at the pub, and there’s twenty quid in your pocket. Do it for a few months, putting a slice of your cheque in an envelope, and there you have it, a plane ticket. Now as insignificant as a CMWC may seem in the greater scheme of things, it is our living history, and being apart of a CMWC enshrines you in that history, our history. Consider yourself paged: Toronto Calling!


  1. by that i mean:


    tofu    25 February 2008, 02:31    #
  2. The international messenger community… Meh.

    There are lots of very cool messengers from around the world that I like, and I love seeing them at events. However, why leave london when all the best messengers and people are here? And we can hang out and do our own thing without having to put up with the tantrums that get thrown by (mostly American) couriers who are DQ’ed or are bitter about not winning? I never see this in London, And I can understand why couriers as cool as ours wouldn’t want to put the time, energy, and expence to go to places where messengers act like small children with big egos.

    That being said I am looking forward to going to Toronto, but don’t suppose it will be nearly as much fun as a local alley cat in many respects.

    — Ms. Attack    25 February 2008, 09:24    #
  3. Small children with big egos would probably say something like: “why leave london when all the best messengers and people are here?”
    I think London has a great scene but if only 10% of messengers pitch up at the alleycats i would definitely want to get out to other cities and meet people that actually get involved and excited about what we do.

    — Safa Brian    25 February 2008, 11:51    #
  4. word.

    nanosan    25 February 2008, 15:14    #
  5. I see where Nhatt is coming from (and note that she is actually going to TO), and I see where Brian is coming from.

    I have to say that I most enjoyed 97 (Barcelona) because there was a big London crew, and 2002 (Copetown), and Dublin. It’s nice when Londoners represent, cos we spread those ‘who cares who wins’ vibes. What was the slogan for Hell 06?

    — Bill    25 February 2008, 18:38    #
  6. I enjoyed my first the best (copenhagen) even though bill ignored me… i still lie awake in bed haunted by it.

    Bobby and I nearly got deported at the airport for the ‘re-allocation of resources’ but we were polite and politeness goes a long way.

    Only ‘londoner’ in the final of the main race.

    Miss you all terribly – even you Tofu.

    andy is no longer a cunt    26 February 2008, 04:53    #
  7. I want to point out that Nhatt’s comment about (mostly) american couriers throwing tantrums ain’t quite right. Two americans got DQ’d (Super Mike and Austin, Mike was given the wrong package while fourth/fifth in the final, accepted it quietly, and no one ever heard about it) and Austin took it better than jumbo, but worse than the Irish guy. Mike, Peter, Brandon, Andrew, Sarah, and I were all having a good time during the finals. Most of us just got drunk the same as everyone else. jesus christ… Why do Amercian Ex-pats always feel the need to hate on sexy American freedom? Also I want to make fun Safa Brian for being an Australian Fakenger who still reads moving target.
    that is all.

    — Janky    26 February 2008, 09:03    #
  8. This inter-colony intercourse is officially discouraged.

    — Bill    26 February 2008, 11:38    #
  9. sounds like your having your own wee tantrum there janky?!

    — redrum    28 February 2008, 09:19    #
  10. Courier racing. Boring. I do the job for the prestigue, the money and the lifestyle.

    — Burp    28 February 2008, 15:03    #
  11. My bad… I had recently watched Rambo: First Blood Part II on TV and was overcome with patriotic fevor. but yeah… we should all go to Canada, If the pound stays where it is food and booze will be cheap. Buy a Pac bag, tobacco, and some bike crap and the trip almost pays for itself.

    — Janky    28 February 2008, 18:12    #
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