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Message from CMWC 2008 organisers
24.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

Posted to the messenger mailing list:

As per Jim’s post dispatch & the organizers tent was destroyed by the storm however main race crew has reported that 1st through 5th Main Race, Cargo race results will be posted. Those announced at the awards Sunday night at Sneaky D’s were correct and those results with those side events that were not cancelled due to the storm will be posted shortly as soon as they are finalized.

Cancelled due to the storm were; Bunny-Hops, Footdown, Slow Race. The Skid competition reportedly did take place though at this time results are inconclusive. These will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

We lost 10 tents, some destroyed in the trees some blown into the lake, had 4 times that many damaged, lost some tables & chairs, one rental truck damaged, stage shut down, vendors wares blowing away, results were as reported literally blown away with packages, belongings & even bicycles. The Island Airport just a few hundred meters away reported a temperature drop of 10 degrees for the 7 & 8 o’clock storms with winds at 46 kph gusting to 100 kph between 7 & 8 pm.

(This was during the free-for-all wrestling and chair smashing Mortal Combat festival initiated by Mike D over near the Trackstar Tent, Big Thanks to Mike D for sparing the tents you were all huddled under, chairs are cheap and great for smashing people with, much cheaper than tents.)

All very exciting at the time but there were consequences to the lovely storm, lots of stuff destroyed & lost.

Big thanks to the City of Toronto employees who stayed to help with the initial cleanup that night and the other City of Toronto employees who gathered hundreds of scattered packages for recycling before the Monday clean-up crew even arrived, the Monday clean up was much quicker & easier thanks to their hard work. Thanks too to the volunteers that used their wristbands on Monday to come out to the Island to clean and load trucks and again to the City for extending the wristband ferry passages to Monday for those crews.

We are still sorting things out, if you have emailed regarding lost & found, results, prizing and/or any other issues and are awaiting a reply please bear with us. If we have it you will get it back. We’ve already returned passports, ID’s, keys and other items of significant value and will work to make sure the rest get home too.

For those of you in Toronto a volunteers party is to be announced this week, we’ve got some great gifts to honour all those that worked so hard on the Island, let’s not forget that during the main events there were 80+ volunteers working at checkpoints, package redistribution, dispatch, marshaling & crowd safety. That’s in addition to the 20+ working on other aspects of the event simultaneously. Toronto really pulled together for the main events and did a great job in spite of the beatdown Mother Nature tried to hand us.

Thanks again for coming, we’ll let you know when they are posted.


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