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BHX messenja inna D n B styli
13.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

From the forum, courtesy of Iron Eye:

Aya aya eeh, me a ridah
Champion MC, cycle couriah
A big bagaboo bag ‘pon me shouldah
Se me ave de package weh it have fe delivah
Me nah stop fe traffic, red light jumpah
Me tek cornah faster than drivah
Me train at velodrome ‘cause me a big sprintah
Me beat Chris Hoy, ‘cause you know me fastah
Me win tour de France, me a hill climbah
Beat Lance Armstrong, me ride furtha
Lef him behind by ten kilometah
Me go pon de train, to Manchestah
Ride to de skatepark fe Rollapaluzah
Me win all de prize, champion roller raceah

  1. BASTARD!!!

    — Iron Eye    13 January 2008, 16:14    #
  2. Reminds me of the courier record someone at Cyclone made in about 91-92. I’d rather listen to my own death sentence being read out. I’ve still got a few copies if anyone wants one.

    — will    13 January 2008, 18:07    #
  3. Oh yeah, I remember that! What was it called? BTW, Iron Eye was spoofing…

    but I thought it was so funny that it had to go ‘up top’!

    — Bill    13 January 2008, 18:45    #
  4. that boy got massive sklillzz man

    hear me now

    — tomkov    14 January 2008, 12:31    #
  5. i think that should be brum not mcr. ol’ iron eye wouldnt get a start in this shitehole even if there was any work given his track record in past roller races.

    ibikemcr08… coming soon

    — nasty    14 January 2008, 20:55    #
  6. What’s the airport code for Brum then?

    — Bill    14 January 2008, 21:47    #
  7. BHX

    — Iron Eye    15 January 2008, 11:21    #
  8. Bill; the Cyclone record was called ‘Return to Bass’. will

    — will    15 January 2008, 20:33    #
  9. Oh yeah! Now I remember it.

    — Bill    15 January 2008, 22:15    #
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