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Matt Seaton to race in Raphapaluza
13.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Simon Richardson - messenger nemesis

The Rapha Roller Race is taking this Saturday at the Classic Car Club, 240 Old Street. Bicycle messengers who are able to prove that they are working couriers get in for 1/2 price, which is £5. The normal Rollapaluza mix of beats, beer and bicycle racing will be in effect.

I can’t bring you any news on the identities of the messenger team, but I can tell you that the winner of the 1st Raphapaluza Team Race, Simon Richardson is riding for the journos team, as is Nelly. Also riding for the journo team is the man who recently predicted the imminent demise of cycle couriers, Matt Seaton. So I hope that you will all give him a very warm welcome to the stage. I know I will.

I am told that the dutch team will be the hosts of 2008 European Cycle Messenger Championships, Tour de Ville from Eindhoven.

Let’s all hope that whoever rides for the male London messenger team is able to do better than last time. I am ashamed to recall that the messengers finished last. You f&cking donkeys. Hopefully, the female team will crush the opposition again.

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