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Make the ferry - 1st July
5.07.06 by Buffalo Bill

OK, so I have hi-jacked the Moving Target blog, and made it into my own personal blog. Sorry. Not really interested in writing about messenger stuff at the moment. If there’s anything really important that needs saying, it can be said on the forum. If you can get registered. Sorry, I can’t work out who is who, can’t tell the muppets from the spammers at the mo.

the boat!

I had to get out of London as soon as I could. As far away as I could, as quickly as possible. OK, I wasn’t going to be breaking any records, what with a broken toe, and riding a full-up touring bike (some men buy themselves Harley Davidsons so that they can get over their mid-life crises – I bought myself a Surly Long Haul Trucker…) towing way too much stuff in a trailer. But every kilometre away from Camden, away from London, away from life as a 40 year old loser living in rented accommodation was a good kilometre. F&ck the England game, I wasn’t interested. Rent cheque about to bounce? Who cares? All that was important was making the 8 o’clock ferry out of Newhaven. I watched the sun setting on the channel, and felt much better.

This is the first part of my journey to France, ‘Looking for Km 83

Part 2: Cows and Calvados

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