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Love from the Bicycle Film Festival!
26.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

Roxie Rolling As One
just got this from Roxie, London messenger friend, and Laura

Love from NYC

Hello All,

We wanted to say hi from the Bicycle Film Festival in New York! We’re over here figuring out how it has managed to keep going for seven years. We’re so inspired and ready to make London’s BFF even bigger and badder than New York. Since it’s the seventh year for it here, the name is pretty well known. We hope that you guys will start helping us spread the word in London. It’s been an amazing trip over here with lots of good bike perving.

The Art show, Joy Ride, managed to pack out 2 floors of a great gallery in Chelsea and was a brilliant party. Throughout the whole festival we noted such a diversity of attendees. It may sound cheesy, but it was quite beautiful! There were people from age 4 to 60 at the gallery and some incredibly important art buyers. Major artist’s work is displayed side by side with messenger photographs and other artists which allows lesser known work to get in front of these buyers. And they were taking note!

The next day was the street party. It rained all day and night but that didn’t stop the hundreds that turned out. Everything was inclusive. There was no judgment between messengers and other cyclists, or any other bikers for that matter! There were mountain bikes, bmx’s, fixed and free wheel all competing against each other in the freestyle competition. There was a modern Penny Farthing in the trackstands, and anyone who thought they could make the jump competed in the Bunnyhop competition. As for the rain, well, it only made the skids more fun!

We were totally welcomed by the rest of the BFF crew from around the world and by lots of the New York messengers. Brooklyn Jack, who many of you know from when he was working in London, kept us supplied with Colt 45 and the right places to drink it.

As far as the films are concerned, we screamed and hollered for the London boys during Written In The Streets and the footage that Lucas Brunelle shot at all the BFF alley cats all over the world. It’s fun to see all these people internationally racing. There were loads of new films and more than a handful from England. It’s certainly a proper International festival now.

Overall it was very heartening to show up to a celebration like this and be immediately taken in as family. I really hope that London’s cycle scene will show each other the same respect and love at the festival in October. The One Less Car philosophy is alive and kicking in New York. Doesn’t matter what bike you’re on, or how you dress, as long as you ride.

Missing London, Loving New York,
Roxy and Laura
The London stint of the Bicycle Film Festival is October 16-20th.
Hope to see you there.

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