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Lorry driver blog
15.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

Well, is this progress? Roadtranport.com has picked up on the recent HGV lorry cyclist death thing that has been in the media. The writer seems slightly aggrieved by this blog and my comments in the media generally. I don’t think he is totally fair to me: I like to think that I have done as much as anyone to raise awareness of the danger from lorries to cyclists, whereas the writer has a long way to go before he can say that. OK, so I have been hard on lorry drivers, but let’s think for a second and try and remember a single incident of a lorry-driver being killed as the result of a collision with a bicycle.

I think it’s a two-way thing: we have to learn to share the road. Banging on about blind-spots isn’t helpful, especially when there is good evidence from more than one court case that a proper observation by the lorry driver could have avoided the death of a cyclist. I am quite happy to say, as I have before: cyclists need to be very careful around lorries. Look out for them; they may not be looking out for you.

However, it is good that the writer accepts that operators and drivers have duty to ensure the safety of other road-users. And he says the bottom line is saving lives and making sure these avoidable deaths no longer happen. One HGV-cyclist incident is one too many. I’m not sure that I like the use of the word ‘incident’, though. He is talking about dead cyclists here. Call it what is: a collision resulting in the death of a cyclist. 4 that I know of so far in London in 2007.

Meanwhile, the Standard continues to surprise me. Today the editorial column backs the London Green Party’s call for a London-wide speed limit of 20mph. What is going on?

  1. Standard is doing a Cameron. Watch out for a solar panel in Derry St.

    Seems to me that a large numer of lorry drivers drive like cnuts – cos they have the mental age of 10yr olds.

    red lorry yellow... oh shit your dead    15 May 2007, 15:11    #
  2. Seems to me that a large numer of lorry drivers drive like cnuts – cos they have the mental age of 10yr olds.

    i have been a lorry driver for 17 years and i ....>a lot of ignorant ranting snipped< ....thanks

    — phil rigby    24 May 2007, 11:25    #
  3. I was going to try and respond to your comments rationally. But you clearly have no respect for the dead and their friends and family. So I deleted most of your comments instead.

    — Bill    24 May 2007, 13:01    #
  4. I saw some mental age retarded lorry drivers earlier – on their way to the Blue Oyster Club.

    I can write this because they are all too f*cking dumb to use the internet.

    Don’t f*ck with what you don’t know P Rigby ya get me rude bwoy? What? WHAT?

    — _badbot    24 May 2007, 16:14    #
  5. I am a lorry driver. Dont tar us all with the same brush. we are all not ten years old. Most of us are acutally proffesional drivers like are proffesion says we are. Its a shame the minority spoil it and make us look bad. I must say cyclist are as much to blame as some lorrie drivers as they dont follow the highway code. Not saying lorry driver do to. WHO HAS ACTUALLY READ THE HIGHWAY CODE IN THE LAST YEAR.

    — Martin    15 January 2010, 07:17    #
  6. Today outside the construction site on Sumner St SE1 I saw two old spannish ladies crossing the road just as a cement lorry started reversing towards them and into the construction site. Neither the driver nor the ladies seemed aware of the danger and the lorry passed one of the ladies by a couple of inches. Bizzarly both parties carried on and I’m not sure anybody noticed what could have happened except me and a someone else who was crossing further up the road.

    Not more then a minute later another cement lorry was leaving the site and was waiting at the lights on the junction with Southwalk St. There is not much space there at the moment and to allow a small transit van to pass the cement lorry had to manuvre closer to the pavement. Just as the lorry began to turn a courier cycled around the corner and attempted to go between the two vehicles. The lorry driver must have seen him and the lorry jerked to a halt. The gap was so small that the courier had to put one foot down thing just to get through the gap.

    To me the biggest problems on the road seem to be complacency, ignorance of danger and recklessness.

    I don’t find the mentioned blog too objectionable (from a lorry driver it could have been alot worse!). Really all he is saying is “we all have to work together on this” and this is quite right (or even better ‘we need the goverment to make things work together on this’).

    — e    18 January 2010, 21:37    #
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