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Lorry company Cemex urges others to look, Daley attacks cyclists
28.03.08 by Buffalo Bill

As regular readers of Moving Target will know, more than half the cyclists killed in London in 2007 died as the result of a collision with a lorry. So far this year, 2 London bicycle messengers have been injured by collisions with a lorry. Cemex, who operate a large fleet of lorries (aka LGVs aka HGVs), fitted with an impressive array of features to minimise the risk of colliding with cyclists, have urged ‘all hauliers and transport companies to look at their procedures and do all they can to minimise accidents. These types of measures could help prevent more deaths on the road’.

Cemex safety systems include:

Additional nearside mirrors fitted to all 1,500 cement mixers, tankers and tippers owned by the company or operated by contractors in company livery within the UK.

Signs fitted to the rear nearside corner of all haulage vehicles owned by the company or operated by contractors in company livery, warning cyclists of the danger of passing along the inside of vehicles.

Additional ‘Caution Keep Clear’ signs fitted to the nearside of cement mixers operating in London and to new vehicles.

Cement mixers and tippers operating in London fitted with proximity sensors on the nearside. These are operational when the left-turn indicator is activated and give a verbal warning to cyclists should they attempt to pass on the nearside, and an audible alarm for the driver.

Cemex should be applauded for spending the money to try and prevent cyclists being killed or seriously injured by their vehicles. Particulary impressive is the proximity sensor. This goes way beyond what is legally required, and shows that Cemex considers the safety of cyclists around their lorries is paramount.

Meanwhile James Daley, who writes a column on cycling in the Independent, is keeping up his campaign to become Muppet of the Year. Not content with picking on pedestrians, he has turned his fire on sandwich delivery riders and pedi-cabs. Describing them as ‘cyclo-terrorists’, ‘cycling lunatics’ and a ‘three-wheeled menace’, he calls for them to be banned from cycle paths.

Why stop there? Why not ban anyone not wearing an Evans top, helmet and riding an aluminium-framed bike? Muppet.

  1. Great work from Cemex!

    Does anyone know what the verbal warning says? Just curious!

    — david miller    28 March 2008, 10:31    #
  2. How about some driver training?

    Cement lorry drivers are some of the most aggressive drivers I have encountered on the road.

    There’s a cement depot up York Way in London and many of the trucks roar up York Way with a definite “get out of my way” attitude.

    Discretion is the better part of valour if you’re anywhere near a cement truck that wants to turn left.

    Martin Gittins    28 March 2008, 10:33    #
  3. That’s awesome. Well done.

    David    28 March 2008, 18:56    #
  4. J. Daley needs a new category, summat equivalent to uber-muppet. “cycloterrorists”? Just cause he can’t ride around these other cyclists? (yup, even tricycles are cycles; the clue is in the name).
    bullet in the bottom bracket.

    — suicide    28 March 2008, 20:32    #
  5. So..all very good for Cemex’ initiative – but what date was the accident in Rugby outside the entrance of the Rugby Cemex co-incinerator cement works in which a Cemex lorry ran over/collided with a cyclist on Lawford Road, who was then in hospital for many weeks?
    Could this have some bearing on the Cemex initiative?

    — Lilian Pallikaropoulos    25 August 2008, 20:46    #
  6. @david miller: The audible message is: “Warning, vehicle turning left”. I heard one this afternoon, it was turning left from St Thomas St into Borough High St. Not sure if it was a Cemex truck.
    I’ve heard another woman killed by bus at Leman/Whitechapel. When will it end?

    John    14 October 2009, 23:30    #
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