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Lorry blind-spots explained by a driver
17.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

A lorry-driver called Nozzer has taken the time to sketch and explain blind-spots from his point of view. He has done this to help cyclists understand how the various mirrors work. He assumes that the driver will understand how the mirrors work, will have correctly adjusted them and be using them. This assumption, as numerous court cases resulting from the deaths of London cyclists have shown, is not to be relied upon. You should therefore view these sketches to inform yourself as to the relative positions in which you definitely will not be seen, or if seen, very poorly, relative to the driver’s cab. You can view Nozzer’s sketches here.

In my view, this is a useful aid to cycling in London, and I thank Nozzer on behalf of MT readers. All we need now is for lorry drivers to spend some time on a bike, and the virtuous circle will be complete.

More on the European legislation regarding the fitting to new lorries, and retro-fitting to old, of the fourth mirror that will eliminate the near-side blind-spot is here. Also of interest to students of blind-spot mirror legislation and its implementation is the Twenty-Second Report of the Select Committee on European Scrutiny, which deals with the UK’s adoption of the legislation. It includes a letter from the Secretary of State for Transport, Stephen Ladyman. It seems that the Council of Ministers have changed the legislation so that only lorries registered after 1 January 2000 will be required to retrofit the blind-spot mirrors. The original draft presented by the European Parliament had asked for a commencement date of 1998.

  1. the linkl to nozzers drawing (http://www.movingtargetzine.com/forum/discussion/598/hgv-blind-spots-from-nozzer/) doesnt work

    You get an error message: ...

    — mess of doom    17 January 2008, 13:20    #
  2. Yeah, I am getting the same thing with the forum itself

    — Bill    17 January 2008, 13:28    #
  3. Fixed!

    — Bill    17 January 2008, 14:04    #
  4. Nope, I’m getting the same error as above.

    This is a pretty neat thing to do, good jorb Nozzer.

    David    17 January 2008, 15:27    #
  5. some simple illustration of blind spots

    — david    17 January 2008, 19:36    #
  6. be careful out there

    — messyanger    18 January 2008, 00:53    #
  7. News of a cyclist killed in 16th January on Battersea Road also that the driver has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

    — Bill    18 January 2008, 13:51    #
  8. I only recently discovered by sheer chance, just how ignorant I was of the great dangers of LGVs / HGVs, principally due to their large blind-spots. There is a video titled ’44 tonne articulated trucks and towns don’t mix’. From the road casualty figures, it is clear that I was not alone in my ignorance, but luckily I found out the easy way. It seems that too many, if not most find-out the hard way and with an HGV there is no second chance.

    This film was made by Robin Webb because his daughter was killed in just this way!

    Please note, these lorries aren’t necessarily 44 tonners. But they are more than capable of killing a cyclist.

    A quote from an experienced Traffic Police Officer in the film [paraphrased]:
    Accidents between lorries and cyclists are always very similar. They almost invariably involve a lorry turning left, that hasn’t seen a cyclist on their near-side. The lorry will have moved-out to allow himself room to make the turn, which creates an inviting lane for the cyclist – the advice to cyclists is don’t go there… There are several mirrors but the area near the cab is very hard if not impossible to see into.., There will be a gentle impact at first with the side of the lorry, just enough to knock the cyclist onto the ground. Once on the ground, the cyclist will be too close to the ground to be caught by the side protection bars…,



    I’m sure that most of the regulars here will be aware of this, BUT for those who are unaware of the article or the film, please read the article and watch the the film – NOW! It just might save your life!

    Please tell every cyclist you know about this! You might save theirs!

    — Christopher Sauvarin    25 January 2008, 19:12    #
  9. It’s a shame the vid’s only available if you’ve got Real Player installed.I had major problems with it. Anyone got a link to it on a different format?

    — Nozzer    27 January 2008, 01:15    #
  10. well worth downloading real player for. thanks christopher.

    — lurkette    27 January 2008, 14:39    #
  11. Real player doesn’t like my system for some reason. It won’t run properly and it sends my spyware detectors mad.

    — Nozzer    27 January 2008, 21:04    #
  12. the kojo.extra.hu site is deleted. New link is:


    — haggyma    25 September 2010, 19:33    #
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