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London's Calling Winners
30.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

I have no idea who won some of the races, although I heard that Jos won the Saturday cat, and the track day. We know that Darren won a race, and Nhatt did too. Jumbo won one of the foot-downs and…

Brian pic:fleabilly

... who really cares? The important thing is that a whole bunch of very nice people came to London and enjoyed the finest hospitality known to man (or should that be: the finest hostelries?). I enjoyed the parts that I saw, and from what I could tell, most everyone did too. I missed the prize-giving so I don’t have the official list of winners, although I would love to be able to post a link to whatever list there is. Massive props and a huge sloppy kiss (with tongues if you insist) to everyone involved in organising the events. You all did a super-brill excellent job.

Anyway, I want to declare my own winners, unofficially.
Two guys came from the other side of the world to London for this event. Not content with doing all the races, most of the drinking and plenty of the laughing, they also organised a benefit alleycat for a London messenger within 24 hours of arriving. Right now they are probably on their way to Dublin. (At least I hope they are!) Theirs was a truly awesome and inspiring performance.

You know who I am talking about, if you were there. If you weren’t, their names are Lane and Brian. Thanks a lot, guys, you made it special.

  1. I have uploaded a video of the Track stand in london fields to YouTube. Some of it is good viewing. perhaps this link will work:


    this link might even display the video in the comment, who knows:

    — matt    30 July 2007, 13:59    #
  2. www.youtube.com/watc…

    video of the roller race finals.

    2km race, f*ckin hardcoe.

    these guys are legends!! respect!!! they show what it is all about.

    but also so many thanks to the organisers, you guys are f*cking wicked. thankyou thankyou thankyou.

    — redrum    1 August 2007, 23:09    #
  3. How lucky are we here in Melburn to be able to bask in Lano’s awesomness all the time-“This Bloke“champeen of the world for sure!

    — Ronasaurus    4 August 2007, 06:10    #
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