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London's Calling II coming to a street near you very soon!
22.08.08 by Buffalo Bill

When I left the Foundry, the party was just starting to swing. If you rush down now, you might still be able to register, and you will certainly be able to check out the exhibition downstairs, curated by Sarah. I believe and hope that it will be open all weekend and beyond. Amongst those showing is Moving Target’s own favourite photographer Selimski. Simone and Jono have some stuff in there(I have to say that I was most taken by Simone’s stuff – quite striking and thought-provoking, whilst Jono’s pictures are deeply moving), and I believe that some of the other nice stuff is by Matt. I have seen a lot of bicycle culture exhibitions, but I reckon that the quality of the show puts it right up there amongst the best.

There are, of course, a bunch of other events occurring this weekend. I am very sorry that I will be missing them all, due to a previous engagement with sun, sea and a rather large mountain in Provence. I hope that you all make it to at least one or two of the events, and that everyone has fun. My congratulations to the organisers in advance.

  1. Just a quick update of saturdays race.

    1st Ricky
    2nd Janky James
    3rd Jon
    4th Mareli

    1st Chandra
    2nd Ali
    3rd Stojanka
    4th Nhatt

    Congratulations to the winners, Ricky won that lovely bike that the guys at Tour de Ville donated, and Chandra gets to pop down to Condor to pick up her new 2008 Pista frame and fork, well done you two (proving that a certain courier company does have the fastest riders!!). A massive thankyou to everyone that took part, both marshals and racers.

    redrum    24 August 2008, 11:03    #
  2. Me again

    The weekend is over…it has been so much fun, I just wish I could have competed in all the events. A huge thank you to all that turned up throughout the weekend, thanks to Rollerpaluza for an amazing evening you guys truely rock. Also many thanks to the many sponsers for your amazing generosity. Big thanks to my fellow organisers, it was so much fun…especially all the arguments we had about nothing. Thankyou one and all!!! I will write a better reports with all the details of the placements for the events later when im more sober. Hopefully I will be able to put together some footage of the weekend. Thank you all, it is you that made this happen.

    redrum    25 August 2008, 00:40    #
  3. Some Rollapaluza results and pics here: www.rollapaluza.com/…

    Winston    25 August 2008, 20:27    #
  4. Simone’s work was bought by a someone with the cash donated to the LCEF so thanks to her and the mystery buyer.

    — overdrive    26 August 2008, 09:17    #
  5. here’s some pictures from sunday, i will put the rest up soon. www.flickr.com/photo…

    redrum    26 August 2008, 12:11    #
  6. also a big thanks from me to the mystery buyers of my work (who are not that much of a mystery after all overdrizzle….),to everyone else that took part in the exhibition and to the organizers of this lovely weekend.
    and just a little comment to correct a rumour that seems to be out there on the streets….
    bill has not made me cry by commenting on my pictures this weekend!
    the crying happened during a conversation I had with him the weekend before and was caused by discussing jono’s pics and emotions to do with sebastian’s death four years ago (also a little too much drink) and not by anything nasty bill has said.

    — simone    26 August 2008, 15:16    #
  7. If it’s not that much of a mystery then why the f%@k dont you tell us who it was then?F&%k sake!!!!

    — overdrizzle    26 August 2008, 15:27    #
  8. Oh and by the way I told a couple of people that Bill made Simone cry so if anyone’s got a problem with that let’s f%$@ing have it!

    — overdrive    26 August 2008, 15:37    #
  9. i got a problem with you!! next time i see you we’ll have it out!!

    redrum    26 August 2008, 16:05    #
  10. www.youtube.com/watc…

    some footage from sunday

    redrum    27 August 2008, 08:09    #
  11. Overdrive, you are dead to me. Or at least older than me (which is almost the same thing!) :-)

    — Bill    31 August 2008, 09:38    #
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