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Cockney Courier wins Dutch Messenger Championships
18.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Jos, fastest messenger in London, and Holland, too!

This piece of news just in from the Dutch National Messenger Championships, held in Eindhoven, sorry Utrecht!, this weekend:

Londoner Jos Van Veldhoven, (who pretends to be from Eindhoven) has won the Dutch open courier champs…as well as the main race he won the team time trial and was also the best out of towner and best Londoner by default!....opting not to race the rollers so as to let some “actual” Dutch people win something….he was however caught out in the sprints missing a place in the final by about half an inch.

Some pictures here

the canals in Holland are MASSIVE baboom tsish! – Winston

  1. Held in Eindhoven??? UTRECHT you mean!!!
    Tssssss… must be a Buffalo Bill mistake!

    Josephine (ex-Creative/Metro courier, who had the lovely pleasure of having Caspar and Winston to stay)

    — josephine    19 August 2007, 10:33    #
  2. Hi Josephine – yeah, whoops!

    — Bill    19 August 2007, 12:07    #
  3. he didn’t take the white jersey though [20-08-07]


    haute courier    20 August 2007, 11:01    #
  4. jos is the man

    where ever he’s from , that boy’s just goooood

    tomkov    20 August 2007, 13:08    #
  5. Yes, Jos definitely is Da Boss

    — Bill    20 August 2007, 13:38    #
  6. My photos here:


    some better photos here!


    Winston    20 August 2007, 16:26    #
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