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London FGSS - new web-site for fixies
26.03.07 by Buffalo Bill

Just got this by email:

Been a reader of Moving Target for a while, and thought I’d let you know about a new site that I’ve set up.

I’m dead envious of the scenes that Chicago and San Francisco have pulled together, and believing that there are enough FG/SS riders in London to achieve similar, I’ve gone and purchased a domain and slapped a version of Vanilla on it:


The idea is simply that by having a site that Londoners can chat on, we can get together more often, do social stuff, go for rides when the weather is like today… and hopefully draw more people into the scene just by having a really cool time.

It’s supposed to be more than just club riders, commuters, hipsters or messengers… just a slice across them all for those who enjoy riding one-geared around London and wants to be social with others from different walks of life for the benefit us all.

So that’s the gist of things. Hope to see you sign up so that the site (non-profit, solely for the benefit of London FG/SS’ers) stands a good chance of working. Let anyone you know who might be interested know :)

David K

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