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London courier killed whilst working, 3rd February 2012
6.02.12 by Buffalo Bill

As reported by BBC News, a cyclist was killed after a collision with a coach on Wormwood Street last Friday (3rd February 2012). Various posters on the Moving Target forum expressed their concern that it was a courier, and Rico Logistics have apparently confirmed that it was Henry Warwick. If this is the case, then Henry would be the 9th London bicycle messenger known to have been killed whilst working.

I’m sure that all Moving Target readers & posters will join me in expressing shock and dismay. My condolences to friends and family. There’s some talk on the forum of a ride on Friday. Watch that space.


The memorial ride is taking place this Friday, starting at the Foundry, corner of Old Street & Great Eastern Street, at 7ish. Please note that this is a memorial ride, not a protest. More details (and comment) on the forum here. Stephanie (Papillon) of the London Courier Emergency Fund has been in touch with Rico, and they say that Henry’s family would prefer a donation to a homeless charity to flowers.

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  1. This is unbelievably sad news.I remember seeing Henry around when I first became a bike courier nearly 19 years ago.He was one of the familiar veterans of the road,a constant,he’ll be missed.My deepest sympathies to his family,friends and co-workers.RIP Henry.

    — overdrive    6 February 2012, 19:10    #
  2. ill miss you henry ….. all them talks illl miss brother ….. see you on the otherside

    — carlos    6 February 2012, 22:59    #
  3. Lest we forget, it’s nearly 8 years since Seb Lukomski, the 8th London messenger to have died whilst working, was killed less than a mile from where Henry died. bit.ly/JkRHW

    — Bill    8 February 2012, 21:22    #
  4. A stencil is being made to mark the spot on Seb’s corner.It needs re-doing.

    — overdrive    8 February 2012, 21:48    #
  5. Wish I could join you all.

    — jonty    9 February 2012, 11:46    #
  6. A ghostbike for friday should be sorted

    — pinarello    9 February 2012, 16:45    #
  7. Henry used to come to the shop and get his wheels respoked by me every year. He shall be missed for real. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

    — Fish    10 February 2012, 17:02    #
  8. A few pix from the ride are here: www.flickr.com/photo…

    Roxy    10 February 2012, 23:23    #
  9. Memorable ride for Henry..!!

    Couriers e10    20 March 2012, 13:37    #
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