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London Courier Emergency Fund Xmas Party this Friday
15.12.09 by Buffalo Bill

The London Courier Emergency Fund, which exists to help bicycle messengers who have been injured whilst working, is having a party to celebrate the advent of the festive season. It’s happening this Friday 18th December at the Foundry.

According to the LCEF web-site ‘Cities In The Dark will be presenting their finely-honed visual platter of pedal-powered light shows, duelling projectors and for those who missed it first time around, a very special screening of their Ugandan odyssey filmings, Africat. Dj’s throughout the night on rotation including Nutzo, Sleepy, Baba Jonah and Akeley bringing all your favourite pop tunes and fresh off the ticker, by public demand, a rare exclusive, MC Ben Rapattack and his Sunken Heads crew will be bringing us a taste of their much-hyped live hip-hop review. And all through Too Up Soundsystem’s most tastiest, bottom heavy PA with absolutely no neighbours to have to please. Did we mention the rotating dancefloor?? Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, over two rooms, a dedicated Art Show showcasing the cream of the London courier communities creative talents. Painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and much more..’

Sounds like fun!

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