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London Courier Appreciation Day, Weds 27th October 2010
26.10.10 by Buffalo Bill

  1. Buffalo Bollocks
    Why do cycle couriers see themselves as so heroic? The bad reputation that cyclists now have is in part to the maverick riding style of these folks. A style which somehow seems to have rubbed of on the less considerate cycling public in general. The ones I call ‘bums on saddles’.
    Every cyclist has to put up with traffic but I’ve never ridden after dark without lights, on the pavement, down a one-way street the wrong way, across a zebra crossing or through a red light. Yet I meet plenty of cyclists who do. What’s up with everyone? We’ll end up with cycling tests, road tax and number plates for cyclists. Mark my words.

    — Ronald Arthur Dewhirst    14 November 2010, 22:07    #
  2. Opens with an insult, followed up by tendentious assertions and a highly implausible conclusion.

    What’s happened, did thisislondon stop taking comments or something?

    At least append these comments to some vaguely relevant post, or even better, try your luck on the forum.

    — Bill    15 November 2010, 17:56    #
  3. Well sorry about the opening two words. They weren’t meant to be insulting just an expression of my feelings about the whole courier scene. But I find the couriers’ narcissistic ‘look at me’ self regard a bit preposterous. I don’t think my assertions are tendentious at all. Neither do I think my conclusion is implausible. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s inevitable.
    As usual the maverick cycling fraternity don’t seem open to any form of criticism and dismiss it out of hand. Not sure what thisislondon is but I haven’t tried my luck there. My comments were appended to the ‘Cycle Courier Appreciation Day’. Well good luck with your cycling in the future and have a careful read of The Highway Code. I’ll try the forum and may have more success there. (Dedicated to the woman I saw knocked over by a cyclist whilst on the pavement in Leeds)

    — Ronald Arthur Dewhirst    17 November 2010, 17:05    #
  4. Not sure if that really counts as an apology, but still, I’ll take it.

    Sure, some couriers are narcissistic, but I don’t think there is a greater proportion of narcissists amongst couriers than any other group of young males (which is what the majority of couriers are).

    Using this site as an example of the narcissism of couriers is, frankly, insulting. Given that it is a site for & about couriers, it’s likely that a lot of the content is going to be aimed at couriers, so will attempt to reflect their interests, isn’t it? For sure, there is some celebration of individual couriers, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find any examples of macho breast-beating here.

    As for your assertion that couriers are responsible for the bad behaviour or otherwise of other cyclists, well, where’s your proof?

    As for your conclusion that cyclists will end up being taxed & licensed, again, show me where even the inklings of such measures are being considered by any of the major political parties.

    A woman got knocked over by a cyclist in Leeds. I am really sorry to hear about that, and if the cyclist was on the pavement, then that is a disgrace.

    However, one errant cyclist in Leeds, where, as far as I know, there is not more than one or two bicycle couriers, surely cannot be blamed on the couriers of London.

    Now, please go & troll somewhere else.

    — Bill    17 November 2010, 20:59    #
  5. Dear Ronald,

    I am a bicycle courier in London. I have been doing it for about 5 years. And I still do enjoy it…well not always. I don’t count myself as a hero, and I never did! It is just a job in the end. And believe me, it is a hard job. And that is what the Courier Appreciation day was about. To appreciate the hard working messengers on the streets. I would recomend to try for yourself ride bicycle in heavy traffic, in every possible weather conditions, meeting deadlines, while the controller and client is chasing you for 50 hours in a week.
    Now, I am not a saint. I do break the law. I would not make a decent living otherwise. This is all about sharing the road and have a respect for other members of public on the street. Respect for others is my Highway code!
    Also, I am not sure if you went down to London recently. We have a lots of clowns down here, that dress as messengers and ware a courier bag. In fact there is much more of these kids trying to look cool and doing sweets skids all over the road and riding like idiots, then actuall couriers.(all my respect to decent fakengers!)
    So just to finish it off. We are No heros. We don’t think we are heros. Some of us are just hard working people, working for a big companies for peanuts, being treated like shite. Therefore lets appretiate couriers for at least one day in a year!

    Ride with respect for each other and share the road twats :)



    — Pinarello    18 November 2010, 21:25    #
  6. Nice words.

    — Bill    18 November 2010, 21:39    #
  7. Hi Bill, no it wasn’t an apology. I was nearly run down again by another cyclist on the pavement yesterday here in Leeds.
    Here is Vojtech in his own words. “Now, I am not a saint. I do break the law. I would not make a decent living otherwise. This is all about sharing the road and have a respect for other members of public on the street. Respect for others is my Highway code!” and you say “Nice words”
    Well it just shows how far cycling has sunk and continues to sink.

    — Ronald Arthur Dewhirst    26 August 2015, 10:14    #
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