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London Bicycle Messenger rides Good Friday Track Meet
1.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

Jos in training pic: Winston

Jos da Boss, aka the Beast of the North East, is riding the Good Friday Track Meet, which is taking place this Friday, April 6th at Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road SE24. He is number 64, and will be riding in the red and blue of Velo Club de Londres.

Jos is riding the points race (every two laps points are awarded for to the first 3 riders across the line), Devil Takes the Hindmost (where the last rider across the line each laps is eliminated) and the 20k scratch race (first across the line wins).

Jos is a very experienced racing cyclist, having raced since he was smaller than a 700c wheel in Holland, and is probably the quickest London messenger, in alleycats, time-trials and anything else you might consider a measure of messenger quickness, right now. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I see that Sean Yates, a former holder of the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France, is racing, as is Bradley Wiggins, who last weekend became a World Champion on the track. Wow! Think of it: a London cycle courier against the cream of the UK’s track cyclists.

Good Friday Track Meet is a fantastic day out, and there will be a lot of jumble stalls. If you didn’t make it to Ripley and really want your very own unsuitably steep and low track-frame, I am sure you will be able to find one there. So there really is no excuse not to get down there, and cheer on our champion. Perhaps someone could make up a song like, uh, ‘He’s Dutch, he’s tall, he’s the best of them all…’ or something.

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