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London Bicycle Messenger Association ceases trading
21.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

Hi Folks,

This is to let all you London messengers know that the London Bicycle Messenger Association – as a legally registered company at Companies House with all the paperwork that this entails – is in the process of closing up shop. We, Gertie, Therese & Wingnut attempted to keep the organisation alive and were looking for others to take over, but unfortunately nobody stepped up to the plate.

The LBMA was originally formed in order to stage the European Messenger Championships in London in 2003, which was a success involving the voluntary contributions of some 80 messengers & friends. The LBMA continued to play a significant role in campaigning against and bringing to the attention of Transport for London HGV caused deaths with Bill as the Chair.

Whilst Moving Target Zine is the de facto site for London messengers, the LBMA website www.londonmessengers.org is still very much used by messengers from abroad visiting or enquiring about work. The site is equally the first point of contact for press and media enquiries. We feel that it would very much be worth keeping the site up and running. We are happy to be answering emails in the near future & forward enquiries to working messengers, but would ideally like one or two messengers to take over the running of the site.

Anyone interested please get in touch.

Therese, Wingnut & Gertie

I think it is a shame that there is, and has not been for some time, a body that could represent London’s working cyclists, be they couriers, messengers or other pedallers. Perhaps if the same energy was put into to standing up for the rights of couriers, as was put into ranting about f*k3ngers stealing messenger style, perfidious sponsors piggy-backing on messenger chic and enriching themselves then there might still be a Messenger Association in London.

And by standing up for rights of couriers, I don’t mean arguing that everyone has the right to ride the bike that they want, and take off their front brake, I mean real rights. These might include (I am speculating here) the right to the benefits offered to employees, if the terms and conditions of the messengers’ contract imply that status. These might also include the right to not be run over and seriously injured or killed by HGVs, or to have a long-term experiment on the effects of motor vehicle exhaust conducted on your respiratory system.

If anyone at all is interested in participating in an organisation for London’s cycle couriers, and wants to take on the paper work associated with the LBMA email Therese. The benefits of keeping the LBMA are a registered company and the associated bank account. I don’t think there’s any money in it, though.

Or you could just start with a blank page. Moving Target would support any such efforts and would participate in fund-raising events. I am sure that other event organisers, and interested parties would do likewise.

And having been there at the beginning (although not at the end), I would like to pay tribute to everyone who helped the LBMA. There were a lot of people, more than I can mention here, who made it happen. Well done, all of you.

Therese and Gertie were the only ones who was there at the beginning, and were still there at the end. Perhaps they deserve the greatest thanks of all.

  1. The LBMA website was hardly ever updated.It went AWOL after Buffalo Bill was voted out.He is right to say it’s time to start with a blank page!

    — overdrive    23 February 2008, 20:18    #
  2. I wasn’t voted out – I resigned.

    — Bill    23 February 2008, 20:43    #
  3. That’s what they all say.

    — overdrive    24 February 2008, 12:51    #
  4. I can just imagine what happened.
    Bill turns up at the LBMA headquarters to find everyone sitting around the table looking solemn. After a short uncomfortable silence someone starts with- “ Look Bill, we’ve been having a think about the LBMA and it’s future and… well we’ve had a vote and…”
    Bill – “ I RESIGN! “

    westcoastmess    24 February 2008, 15:51    #
  5. Then follows a massive sigh of relief….

    — overdrive    25 February 2008, 10:00    #
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