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London Bicycle Film Festival 2008 official programme now up!
25.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

Les Ninjas du Japon pic: BFF site

The official programme is now up over at the BFF site. And look, one of the programmes is already sold out. This still is taken from the film Les Ninjas du Japon, a trailer for which is also available on the site, and will be shown in full Friday October 3rd at 9pm.

If you want to get cheaper tickets, then check the previous post about BFF 2008.

  1. I noticed on the flyer vexed are sponsoring the film festival. They sponsored the alley cat lost in the crowd which was before a film fest a few years ago. They didn’t cough up any prizes, just used the organisers to put their name on the flyer. Tossers

    — Not impressed    25 September 2008, 19:31    #
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