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London Bicycle Film Festival 2008 October 2nd - 5th
4.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

The fantastic Bicycle Film Festival rolls into town again next month, hosted this year by the Barbican Cinema. There are 7 different programmes, running over 3 days. The Barbican’s blurb describes it as an itinerant carnival of films, music, seminars and events bringing together many diverse aspects of cycling life and culture from around the globe. Moving Target describes it as too much fun for one weekend. The programme has a special messenger night on the Saturday, with the obligatory Lucas Brunelle travelogue, a feature on the ‘King of New York’, Felipe Robayo and short doc on the TO CMWC. There are, of course, heaps of other films on the other programmes, including a feature on 6 Day Races, a new Niestadt Bros film and a load more other interesting looking stuff.

Laura tells me that if you email her with details of the messenger/courier company that you work for, she will send you a code so that you can get tickets for the special discounted price of £6.50.

As well as all those films, there is a party at the once painfully hip Jaguar Shoes bar in Kingsland Road on the Thursday 2nd, a Rollapaluza roller race at the Carhartt warehouse, 18 Ellingfort Road E8 on the Friday, a Treasurecat on Saturday, followed by a Tour de Ville party at the Slaughtered Lamb, Great Sutton Street EC1 and the BFF Polo Tournament on the Sunday. The Polo tournament will be held in the 3 Corners adventure playground, Northampton Road EC1. Wow! I am exhausted just typing all that.

A few words about the polo: according to Laura there are some teams of proper snotty horse polo players coming, who are convinced they will win, pimms and white clothes and all, so if you want to spank some toff bottom, register your team by emailing the polo coordinator now. Registration is free.

The official London Bicycle Film Festival site is here. MT review of some of last year’s films here, and the Joy Ride exhibtion here.

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